Tuesday, March 20, 2012

new dress extravaganza!

i guess you cant really tell how much sewing i actually do, because i might be the worst blogger ever, but barely ever does a day go by that i am not on the sewing machine. i consider it my full time job. between the sewing i do for myself, etsy, montage, tailoring and custom sewing/dresses, i stay busy enough to keep myself happy and comfy! (well, i'd be more comfy if i wasn't the worst person on the planet with finances. seriously, it's bad)

right now i have on my plate a 3-piece suit for one friend and some light nighties for another friend's sickly grandmother, tons of mending and tailoring, wedding presents to make, a wedding dress coming up, a big wool coat, some crazy ninja pants, and my brother and his wife just found out their little twins they have on the way are going to be a boy and a girl-- so i have a LOT of baby sewing to do as well.

i get a little worried now and then that i am going to burn myself out on sewing, but only when things get like this. i think it's because i have this amazing book of new look dior, and in the beginning there is a little bio on him. i remember the first page i ever turned to in that book i read that he never really took up sewing because he was afraid it would ruin the passion he had for fashion. that pretty much scared the shit out of me. when nothing i am making is for myself, it gets a little sad. then, it really does feel like work and not like something i love... so the solution i came up with is this: for every 3 projects i take on, i have to make myself one awesome garment! so, get ready for the dress parade-- i have been a very busy bee!

my first project was this little skirt-

i could either have a party skirt here, or a used car lot skirt....
i self drafted the pattern because, well.... that shape isn't exactly rocket science. after it was sewn and put together, i cut out a shit-ton of little yellow, orange and red felt triangles, attached them to the skirt with a quick straight stitch after drawing out the line i wanted them to follow in chalk. then, i took the ribbon and sewed it on over the tops of the felt. in the back on the side there is a little bow where the ribbon ends meet. i took a photo, but i didn't iron this first and it looked like shit so just use your imagination....

next, i made this pretty dress from some vintage fabric in my stash

so soft, and so light! i wish i had more of the fabric :/

the pattern was fairly easy to use, but it turned out a bit large in the bodice and it didn't have too many ways to take it in easily, as there are no darts. another big problem; i made the skirt a complete circle skirt and wore this on what appeared to be the breeziest day ever.

my. ass. was. all over the place.

 fantastic. oh, check out the also un-ironed details on the top!

really nice when it's pressed....

i made a dress from the pattern once before, years ago... but had added in some darts. shoulda' done that again.... but this one is at least a lot nicer, and now i am like, 20 pounds bigger so i most definitely needed them way more then!

now, the next project is a simple denim skirt:

nothing too fancy... until i tie this AWESOME RIBBON AROUND IT!!!!

yep. now it's adorable

this was from the ever-popular-on-my-blog butterick 9633. i did shorten it quite a bit this time. it's spring time, which means highs in the 80's and 90's, humidity like crazy and is therefore time to raise my skirts out to keep my lady bit nice and cool!
that ribbon though-- i love it. if you guys go through as much ribbon as i do, and you are still buying it from the fabric store, you are crazy. GO TO A FLORAL WHOLESALER!!! those shops are like, neverland! you can get insane yardage for so cheap on grosgrain ribbons, decorative ribbons, tulle... EVERYTHING!!! i got that ribbon for about $11, but i also got like, 40 yards. i also got red and white grosgrain (the white is the one on the flag skirt) and a small navy polka dot grosgrain all for $2.49 each in 25 yard rolls. i can't stress how much i love it there. plus, candles are crazy cheap too.

now, next up is this little yellow lace dress- from advance 9825

the skirt seems so crooked. it isn't. really. i don't know what's going on there...

this is for once, not vintage or used or recycled fabric. i actually BOUGHT this. new. anyone who really knows me, knows i almost never buy myself new clothes, much less new fabrics... but this i just couldn't resist! i ended up wearing it out for a birthday dinner with tyler's family.

 important lesson learned that day about lace + kimono sleeves... 
serge your edges or expect a double armpit blowout!

 now last but not least, my st. patrick's day dress! it's green enough!

it is such a heavy canvas like material, i don't even need a crinoline- i just STAYS like that! 

if you can't tell by now. i love all things nautical. seriously. most of our house is decorated with whales, sea monsters or sailors... so of course this is fabric i had just layin' around....

and a lime zipper, for back up green

 this is another copy of simplicity 4637... but this fabric gives it a totally different look.
 and my ultra patriotic belt! hazaaaaaaah america!

so, that is where i am at for now. still overwhelmed, but at least i will look cute while i bust all of this stuff out like a god damn champ! whoop whoop!


  1. I LOVE them all, but especially the bottom one!

  2. No, I think I have you beat for worst blogger. I have the best intentions of blogging and sewing and it just doesn't happen.
    Anyway, I love your outfits. The yellow lace is amazing, that is definately worth the splurge for fabric!! (even with the lesson learned :) Thanks for sharing that btw, I would have never thought to do that.

  3. I am in love with you nautical dress - it is just gorgeous. I think if you find a pattern you really like then it is worth investing in different fabrics. The lace is lovely, where are you going to wear it? Will you post photos? I live by a harbour and a port so am developing a maritime love myself!

  4. Oh, my good lord that's just the cutest collection of dresses I've seen in a while. I bet you had the best time on St. Patrick's Day. I hope no drunk idiot threw up on your amazing dress.

    I keep thinking I'm going to burn out on sewing but it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully it never shall, I have too much fabric to turn back now.

    I have awarded you a blog award! The versatile blogger award. Details on my blog!


  5. Those are all adorable and that is interesting advice about ribbons. I don't think I would ever have thought about a floral wholesaler, but that makes sense!

  6. Such a busy bee! All completely adorable makes, but that lace dress???!!! Too cute. I need me one of those in coral lace.

  7. thanks everyone! i'll try to get pictures in the yellow dress soon! yesterday i went back to hancock's and had a REALLY hard time not buying more of that lace in all of the other colors. like, a REALLY REALLY REALLY hard time!
    leah, i had a big ol' birthday party on st. patty's day, so if any drunk jerk was gonna throw up on it, it would have been myself! LUCKILY, i passed out in the hammock before any of that could happen, so the night ended well!
    thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments :)