Monday, June 7, 2010

beach weekend!

this weekend i joined tylers family for a lovely weekend beach trip! it was so nice :) the weather was perfect and the water, perfecto! we even had the opportunity to meet a bunch of parrots!

thats tyler in the back with the orange bird on his head and me in the front in the 2-piece. normally i dont think i look so uncomfortable in photos, but he totally gave me the bird named peepee. seriously dude? .... its just asking for trouble.

and BONUS: i didnt get burnt like last year when we went! this is a BIG accomplishment for me. i might be the whitest white girl out there, so the sun rays hunt me down and get me every time. last year, i ended up all red and blistered like this:

shits nasty, yall

we also passed up a shopping center that was clearly designed with me in mind:

thats right- fabric, donuts and booze!

so i also happened to have on the best beach outfit of all time while i was there! it is the one i have on in the bird photo

sorry for the awkwardness, i cant find my tripod so i have to take photos like a 15 year old on myspace.

the skirt is from butterick 9633 and the top is from view c on stretch & sew 1362.

i made the whole thing from one full sized fitted bed sheet. i was hoping there would be enough for some cute little bloomers but the stripes wouldnt fall together right. i really like the top, and will definetly be making another one in a more 'water-friendly' material.
so i had this amazing get up and then i also got a package in the mail just before we left. it was the shoes ive been waiting for all week long! the *perfect* shoes for this outfit- behold!
i love these shoes so much! they are comfy, cute and have a wedge! i got theme here if anyone interested... which you should be! this also was the first time ive gotten to wear 2 shoes in a month! i got my foot x-rayed the other day (not broken, possibly a torn muscle or ligament) and they gave me a new air cast i can fit either in or over my shoes. thank goodness, i was getting really tired of hobbling around in one shoe all the time!

and speaking of, let me show you my skirt i made for that dr appointment!

hazaah! its TIME 2000!

i dont know what is the deal with this fabric, but i love it! it used to be a set of curtains (little ones) but i really needed something lazer-y to go with x-rays... right? its from simplicity 8126.

i decided against the pleat in the front, partly because it wasnt right for this fabric, partly because i didnt have enough of the fabric. it can out awesome though and tyler, who loves him some sci-fi, really like it a lot.

i found a photo sort of, of my awesome beach getup!


  1. Your play suit is adorable. Love the top!

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  3. Sorry, blogger was being weird and I wrote the same thing twice.

  4. Omg omg omg omg (um, yes, sorry)... I am in LOVE with your blog. I've been reading and giggling and wishing I could have all these vintage sewing patterns. I love this playsuit and I would wear it every day of my life. Or at least every day this summer. I love your creations! You're sew (ha!) talented. I'm a fan!! <3

  5. i plan on wearing that as much as possible! im already bracing myself for the most awkward tan lines of all time!
    thanks for the comment ladies :)

  6. your playsuit is beyond fabulous. you look adorable!

  7. Hi there!

    I just found your blog and it is hilarious! Then as I was reading I saw that you made the simplicity 8126!! I just found this pattern at an estate sale and it's missing a piece. If you still have this pattern could you email me the measurements for the piece C waistband?? I would be forever in your debt! And I love that you made it into a sci-fi skirt. Where did you find that fabric?? Awesome!

  8. Oh... My email is HeHe. And if you are ever in Austin and need a doggie groom, I am your gal!