Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm not gonna try to make and excuse for not posting in 5,000 years-

because tyler and i have been moving into/rebuilding our new house and that bitch has been a pain in the ol' tookus! and that means, *ahem,* i am excused.
check this beezee out-

this is what my bathroom looks like RIGHT NOW. 

im not totally happy with this, but i am ok with it because believe it or not, that is an improvement. there were some *slight* mold issues with that bathroom, as well as a few issues with rodents.RODENTS!  (yeah. you can go ahead and throw up in your mouth a little bit now.)

by the way, it currently sucks to be those furry little bastards. i destroyed their nest and set traps everywhere! they ate holes in my pretty area rug. i will show no [maybe minimal] mercy. they are being lured to their death by the sweet smell of nutella and dog food. buwahahahahahahahahaha!

there are a LOT of things wrong with the house... like we have had to do work on the outside, completely redo the bathroom and kitchen, paint every single room (which we are still working on), paint the outside and garage (which we still haven't done) and plant grass- so something will be there besides dirt- in the yard.

BUT there also are a lot of great things about the house... like the cost, the huge back yard, the big fig tree, hard wood floors, a big cast iron bathtub, a separate room for sewing, a garage, the paint colors we picked for everything, and the absolute best part- i get to fall asleep and wake up next to this every single day:
i mean tyler, not the puppy dog...
uh, and also check out my awkwardly shaped boob there... 'the fuck is goin on?
so, we are mostly settled in now. saturday was 'destroy the bathroom day' and today was supposed to be 'oh shit, put that back together day' but it looks like that one will be carrying into the week with next saturday planed to be 'set tile in the tub surround day'
should be interesting.... but hopefully i can be a little more loyal to the ol' blogger site and put up some more photos of the chez awesome as it comes together! we will see.....