Friday, April 29, 2011

because i can NOT do anything the easy way....

i love costume parties. and i mean, LOVE.
i love making outfits, getting dolled up, mingling with other people dressed up like crazies... there just isn't one thing about them that i don't love! tomorrow is my friend anita's birthday party, and it it not a costume party.
the theme: lingerie party. seriously. underwear. 
well, i decided not to let that 'theme' get in my way, and i have created possibly the most ridiculous outfit possible. this is my choice for lingerie:

hell yeah i'm making a coney unitard!

most likely i am just going to look crazy, but I think that i would be crazy NOT to! i already have almost a full bolt of pink satin, belt kits and plenty of t.p. to stuff the cones with-- so i started my sketches and got to work! 

this is my attempt to sketch. laugh and i might have to pulverize you. 

luckily for me, jean paul gaultier has twitter account (yeah, twitter! 'the fuck??) so when i was google-ing for better photos, i came across this gem and others he has posted up on twitter that really helped put some detail into my sketches...

unfortunately for me, i did not add the handy pee slot that looks like it has.
(i hope its just for peeing....)

so far this is where i'm at. and i want to say, i am NOT this short and stumpy... at least i don't think i am.
taa daaaaaaa

a little detailing around the leg hole

mother of pearl hardware on the shoulder straps

 i am basically finished... i still need to attach the garters in the back, do a little reinforcement stitching...
because wearing something this tight when the fabric has ZERO stretch to it is a little rough on the seams, and i need to figure out the boobs. they are a *little* to spaced out i think. they kind of get all wonky when i put it on, like one is looking east and the other is looking west.
i looked at madonna's photos on line, and it looks like she had 2 of these outfits. one has the boobs real close and looking forward, and the other one has a pretty decent sized gap between so both boobs are looking backstage at the same time. i might leave the spacing, only because i don't want to jeopardize this profile:

you know someone is getting stabbed before the night ends!
also, i really like how the stitching came out on the cones

 the inside isn't as pretty, but there is hidden boning in there! about 8 pieces per pyramid!

in all, this really has not been too difficult to make. i used the clown hat from simplicity 4863
which belonged to tyler's grandmother, she had 2 in different sizes for each of her girls!

and because i didn't want my ass hanging out, i used simplicity 5525 to cut out the back pieces. 
i had to use my imagination to add stretch room...

all the rest was just cutting and guessing. like i said before- wingin' it is totally my thing! 
now since i still have a little bit more to add, tomorrow i will post of a photo of me wearing this. i think im gonna have to set my hair in curlers (even though my hair is already curly-- i DEMAND ringlets!) and maybe draw on a big dramatic mole (even though i am already all freckle-y....) know, all i have to do is show up in any underwear. i don't have to do this and really it couldn't be less necessary, but where is the fun in that?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sewing room is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

pretty much all done in the sewing room, and im just gonna say- hot DAMN is it fantastic!
BEHOLD! the wonders of the craft space:

i. have room. for. EVERYTHING!

all of my machines have a place...

i am so excited, i think i even peed a little....

space for my buttons, 

all of my patterns,

 and my vintage herbert levines- which come on, deserve their own space!

and i even have space for BOTH of my dress forms which means i can finally finish these three pieces i've been working on-

i've used the shirt and skirt patterns before, and the pink dress is self drafted but has a pretty vintage collar on it that i got for free by smooth talkin' an old man at the flea market

the dress is un-attaching from the collar, thats the part that needs more work

i also found these vintage birds i got from my favorite vintage shop. they look like they are cut off of something, so it might be tricky to use without the old fabric showing.

 they are sequins and beads and are much better looking up close

 and, best of all, little stinky splinter finally got to come over and move back in with me! he got his own special bed in the sewing room today, which will SOON be replace by a expensive one i made :)

 look at them crooked arms and tongue! i just love him to bits!

so hopefully this means lots of new projects coming up soon. i still have a couple of boxes to unpack still which i know are full of more vintage treats :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

ain't no post like a over due post!

also, ain't no blogger like an unemployed blogger- and as of today i am once again unemployed!
(this time by choice. no lay-off for this hard ass! and also i don't usually work weekends so i'm counting today as day 1)
on friday i bid adieu to my job that i actually am not entirely sure i ever even mentioned here... so i'll do that now. i *was* working as the seamstress for a chain of dry cleaners here in san antonio. we did about 50/50 military and civilian. it was pretty much an awesome job and i feel like my sewing skills are possibly the most awesome ever. i mean, come on- the sign out front said "PROFESSIONAL TAILORING" and you know what? they meant me! ME! and i was god-damn-fantastic!
things just didn't work out for me [financially] so i told them 'toodles, bitches!' and got my self a new sewing job that could be even better because definitely in my list of favorite things, in the top 5 are sewing and puppy dogs, and i am going to be making super froo-froo dog beds for a living now! hollaaaaaaa!
i am going to be working with this really amazing woman who is a great combination of pretty, smart, dog lovin', and wicked stylish!
my last boss looked like the big booger in the mucinex commercials and was always looking at my boobies, so i look forward to the change.

i guess he wasn't green, but this is fairly accurate...
and to be honest he is a really really nice guy

the only prob-rem is that i won't *exactly* be working there full time for a while, so until then i am just gonna wing it. wingin' it is *kinda* my thing.
now i guess what i was trying to get to with this, is that since i will be having a bit more free time on my hands, hopefully i can get back to sewing more and even occasionally making posts! i even got my sewing room mostly put together! today i plan on finishing it up, but i am building up from a yucky space-


took a little cleaning after this, but here is my blank canvas...

 so far i have it painted on all but 1 wall where tyler has like, 3 big book cases FULL of books and what-not, added shelves and a desk and just finished putting together my favorite chairs of all time. probably i'll go finish this right now and post up my finished project :)