Friday, November 11, 2011

not bad for a pair of curtains!

operation fall wedding guest dress accomplished! BOOYAH!

isn't that rad? i have been drooling over this dress 

from the tv show pushing daisies for a looooooooooooooong time now, and now i will drool no more! if you haven't seen that show, you should. even if you don't like the show itself, anna friel's (chuck) wardrobe is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! google it. i dare ya.

ok so the fabric i used i got from my momma last week with all of those cool patterns. she bought this one curtain panel at a yard sale, and when i started taking the seams and pleats out, we realized it was TWO panels doubled up! this was extra good because where were random paint sploches on one.
god i hope those are paint sploches. 

look at the texture of this fabric-- i think it makes the dress even more fabulous!

it isn't even itchy. i think it looks like it would be itchy or uncomfortable, but it isn't in the slightest!

ok so making this was easy and not so easy. it was a lot of frankensteining. the top is from simplicity 3430, the bottom is from simplicity 7995.... and the bubble skirt i drafted using my brain. its not hard. its a rectangle and a more different rectangle. anyone can do it. the worst part of this dress was trying to figure out how /where to put the zipper. i went with center back, and had to keep the top bubble layer open so that i could add tulle in there to poof it up if i want. which i do. and also i didnt want it to get flattened in a zipper. so, the top layer snaps together and the zipper is underneath! i hope that makes sense. you can kinda see it here....

the other worst part of this was when i kept breaking needles on my serger because i was so determined to serge all 4 layers of fabric at once and my serger was like "OOOOOOOMMMMFFFFGGGGG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME???!?!! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" and i was like, "DO IT BITCH! SERGE MY SHIT!" and then i WON. HA! i will be wearing this tonight to a wedding. nice photos to follow!

oh yeah! it has pockets. awwwww yeahhhhh!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

this works for fall, right?

honestly, i don't think i've ever fully grasped fall and winter wardrobe colors. i try, but deep down i've never really gotten past my inability to dress weather appropriately, or even to match my own clothes for that matter. that, my dears, is why i wear dresses all the god damn time. no matching issues.
i blame a lot of that on the fact that we only get a couple weeks of cold weather here... its pretty summery most of the year. its hard to dress for cold when it isn't happening!
well, i decided to try to make something fallish for a change. i thought i would at least try to wear something that isn't unicorns or floral or bright! granted, this isn't the most adult thing i've ever made... for some reason i have been making nothing but silly dresses for the past month.... BUT it is still awesome!
SO, i pulled out my ol' pal simplicity 4982 again,

grabbed some fabric that i've been hoarding for a year or so, and whipped out this:

sorry the colors are so weird. that part of the house has the worst lighting ever.

reason #1 why i like this dress: pockets. big ones. i think that is one of the best parts of being a seamstress- being able to put pockets in everything!

reason #2: i feel pretty fierce in this. i think its the family of lions on my shoulder...

all of the other reasons (comfortable, easy, light) aren't as important. ya know? it hardly gets cold here, so i think this will work quite well for the remainder of 'fall.' also, you totally can't tell in the photo, but i have the greatest boots on with this. fo' real.

now my next challenge for the day is to make a NICE fall dress to wear to a wedding tomorrow! my fabric stash used to be incredible... but lately, it's been widdled away to (what feels like) nothing.

don't get me wrong, i have a lot of fabric still, plus now its all color coordinated! its just that none of it feels right for a wedding in november. i have a few ideas, but i think need a cocktail or something to help me decide...

Monday, November 7, 2011

finally- some skirts!

my momma loves me. she does. this weekend she picked up a bunch of patterns at a yard sale for me, and she did a great job picking them out! i've already made two skirts today using this one!
simplicity 7995

the first one i made was with this awesome horse fabric i got from the horder house last year-

you KNOW i have the best boots ever to go with this!

i did a little top stitching on the sides. the insides are all serged edges, but i thought it would have more of a blue-jean feel with this on the sides! 

 the print almost matched enough on this seam that all of the horses just look like martians

the second skirt is in a really nice print i think (if i remember right) is alexander henry... but i really might be remembering wrong. anywho, my friend lacee gave it to me earlier this year with a whole MESS of zippers, buttons and threads she had accumulated over the years.

this one is my favorite 

this pattern has a great shape to it. they are like, just between a pencil and an a line. i took in the bottom for a more shapely silhouette... i just have a real big booty so it doesn't quite look it here! 
so here are the other patterns momma got me:



the last two are my favorites of the bunch.... and i think that the vogue pattern is going to be made from this fabric i got last week from my secret san antonio fabric spot!

in other news- i have been working on this dress all day also, and was wondering if you guys might have a better idea of the date on it. i really wanna say 1940's... but i am not 100% on that. what do you think?
this is gonna be real nice when i'm done...

Friday, November 4, 2011

like i need anything else to drool over....

i'm not big on buying new fabrics... i prefer to sew from recycled or second hand materials.

BUT... my mom just told me about this fabric company and one line in particular, and after staring at all of the amazing patterns for like, and hour, am having a REALLY hard time convincing myself not to spend $16 a yard on this:
uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! i need this. i need this soooo badly....

someone be a dear and gimme.
that is all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

as long as i'm dying, i may as well be ridiculous

i couldn't do it. i just couldn't sit at home doing nothing anymore.
i stared at my fabric wall, sorted through my pattern boxes, and made the most ridiculous thing i possibly have ever made.... 

woop woop!

i am 100% sure that this is not anything close to what they had in mind when they made simplicity 3045,
got mine for a dollar!

but that is their problem, not mine. now, as soon as i am done being sick, i get to wear this dress out. 
come on crissy! suck it up! get that flu outta here!!!

i am dying.

or at least i feel like i am. i do not enjoy being sick, and i am sick as a dog. if you didn't already know, flu season is here!, while i'm at home drowning in my own snot, i figured i may as well get off the couch for a bit and make a post. finally-- the poodle dress!!!!

i totally made this weeks ago, but i haven't gotten around to taking decent photos of it until now! i used this pattern-
simplicity 3961

which i grabbed at the same estate sale as the fabric. as soon as i held them both up, i knew they were meant to be! well, actually my first thought was "oh my god-- these would be the BEST KITCHEN CURTAINS EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" but i didn't quite think tyler would go for it. our whole house is pretty bright and less than masculine already... so second thought... this dress:
woop woop!

i seriously loooove this dress! it has pockets, puppies, and looks fantastic with a big, big crinoline! i wasn't totally sold on the bows, so they are both detachable. so far i've worn this with just one bow attached, and i stuck this marvelous pin on it that tyler's lovely aunt sherry got me for christmas last year

go on, say it. d'awwwwwwwwwwww.....

speaking of the know, a few paragraphs back.... we FINALLY got a coat of paint on it! holllaaaaaaa!

once i have my shutters and flower boxes, i will be happy

if you don't know already, tyler and i moved into this house in january of this year. true story- used to be a crack house. really. and it totally looked the part when we moved it. it took WEEKS before i would even get naked here! 
while it may not be the biggest or greatest house in the world, it has a lot of potential! it was built in 1948, has all wood floors, a detached garage, a fig tree, a pecan tree and two pomegranate trees, is in a nice neighborhood with MULTIPLE ice cream trucks, is walking distance from the grocery store... and also we have a KILLER back yard! it is huuuuuuge
we still have a lot of work to do, but fixing it up like we want it is pretty amazing. there is some more exterior work to be done, and the kitchen is pretty bare right now, but it does have a new ceiling, walls and tile floor! the bathroom has been our greatest accomplishment so far. we have some trim to paint and need to fix the window frame, but check this shit out! we are awesome!

i know these are too big, but you have to look at it up close to really appreciate the work we did!

so, it has been awesome! with all of the time im spending at home i wish i could be doing more productive things, but it just isn't gonna happen. i plan on doing nothing more than sitting on the couch eating soup and watching this show until i get better. 

poor, poor tyler....