Friday, November 11, 2011

not bad for a pair of curtains!

operation fall wedding guest dress accomplished! BOOYAH!

isn't that rad? i have been drooling over this dress 

from the tv show pushing daisies for a looooooooooooooong time now, and now i will drool no more! if you haven't seen that show, you should. even if you don't like the show itself, anna friel's (chuck) wardrobe is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! google it. i dare ya.

ok so the fabric i used i got from my momma last week with all of those cool patterns. she bought this one curtain panel at a yard sale, and when i started taking the seams and pleats out, we realized it was TWO panels doubled up! this was extra good because where were random paint sploches on one.
god i hope those are paint sploches. 

look at the texture of this fabric-- i think it makes the dress even more fabulous!

it isn't even itchy. i think it looks like it would be itchy or uncomfortable, but it isn't in the slightest!

ok so making this was easy and not so easy. it was a lot of frankensteining. the top is from simplicity 3430, the bottom is from simplicity 7995.... and the bubble skirt i drafted using my brain. its not hard. its a rectangle and a more different rectangle. anyone can do it. the worst part of this dress was trying to figure out how /where to put the zipper. i went with center back, and had to keep the top bubble layer open so that i could add tulle in there to poof it up if i want. which i do. and also i didnt want it to get flattened in a zipper. so, the top layer snaps together and the zipper is underneath! i hope that makes sense. you can kinda see it here....

the other worst part of this was when i kept breaking needles on my serger because i was so determined to serge all 4 layers of fabric at once and my serger was like "OOOOOOOMMMMFFFFGGGGG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME???!?!! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" and i was like, "DO IT BITCH! SERGE MY SHIT!" and then i WON. HA! i will be wearing this tonight to a wedding. nice photos to follow!

oh yeah! it has pockets. awwwww yeahhhhh!


  1. Looks stunning! Can't wait to see in action photos.

  2. Awesome dress. I am so jealous of the fabric.

  3. I love it! I think it looks nicer than Chuck's dress as that is just a little too puffball-esque for me. Have a great time at the wedding.

  4. Love your creativity!
    I am envious of your stash of vintage patterns and I hope that you continue to share your creations.
    It is fantastic to see people using vintage fabrics, draperies, sheets, and clothing to sew into one-of-a-kind wardrobes that are
    well-made, custom fitted and so superior to run of the mill ready-to-wear.

    I am inspired.

  5. Wowza! Your dress is way better than your ispiration.What a fantastic dress and photo! I have a sewing linkup going on at my website today and I was hoping you would be kind enough to post your project? Thanks so much!
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  6. Such a lovely dress! And hella funny post!

  7. THAT is an amazing transformation! Gorgeous dress, and really funny blog!

  8. Love your blog, you're so funny, but what I really love are your dresses, you are an inspiration!

  9. What fabulous drive you have. Well done on figuring this one out. Its so totally beautifully clever and cool! Looking forward to seeing you model it. You have some great projects on here and I don't doubt that you will look amazing!

  10. First: I love this dress! I've been wanting to make one similar to this for a while! Feeling very inspired...

    Second: So excited to find your blog and realize you're also from San Antonio! Yay for Texans ;)