Friday, February 11, 2011

cold weather and wieners, but not cold wieners.

good ol' texas! if there is one thing you can count on, its that the weather here is wonky as hell. last week we went from shorts and tank tops, to snow in like, 2 days. thanks right-- i said

here's ol' dexter, wondering where his ground went

im sure some of you are out there stuck in 20' of snow and havent seen the actual ground outside for months and probably want to stab me in the eye for being so excited while youve been stuck in a blizzard, but this is the first time i have EVER had a snow day... so suck it. 
snow in my back yard? whaaaaa?

i know it isnt that impressive, and honestly its not like i even got to enjoy it that long. it was:
a) not that much
b) melted mostly that day
and c) the weather changes every 15 minutes here!
for example, it was like, 30 degrees when i left for work this morning, and this evening i had the air conditioner on when i drove home! the only time you can ever predict the weather for sure is that from march-november, prepare to sweat you balls (or lady balls as the case may be) off.

so later that weekend my sister kathy and i went to our soon-to-be sister in law's bachelorette party.

lets see.... bride to be is the girl in red with the wang necklace, kathy is in the blue tights next to her and i am second to the right in some killer shoes i got and havent stopped wearing yet!

we learned a few fun facts about dildos (they had one of the sexy toy sales women there), male strippers (funnier than i expected) and tequila rose shots (they sneek up, bastards,) but more importantly, we learned that we aren't mature enough for any of those events to come up. this became apparent at this moment:
shes a magical unicorn!

aaaaand thats the bride to be putting it on her. my family RULES.

so completely different topic, i have fallen in love with a picture of a dress, so as soon as my sewing room is unpacked (cross you fingers next week!!!!) i will be making this:

so prepare for greatness.