Friday, April 6, 2012

yeeeeeehaw! its a polyester dress!

if was to be only piece of polyester in my closet... you'd suppose it should be cute, right?
well, probably, but that's just too bad for me because i can't tell if this dress is ugly or not. i don't *think* that it is, but something about it just seems like it should be. something other than the fact that the fabric is polyester, like maybe it's the brown-purple-blue-black-white color combos....i just can't figure it out.
so, while the jury is still out deciding on if this dress is just a big turd or not, i dressed it up like a good ol' texan and have decided to wear it for a day while i make up my mind! so here it is, another version of simplicity 4637!
 nothing really wrong with it i guess.... just nothing special
 but at least i got all of the lines straight!
and i got to rock my super texan belt! yeeeeeeee hawwwww!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sluttin' it up

i am good at dressing two ways: like a toddler, and like a grandmother. pretty much that covers everything i wear, 24/7. i don't make a lot of practical things, and i certainly don't make a lot of sexy things.
part of that last part is because in the last couple of years, i've gone from a size 0 to a size 4... and it takes a while to get used to a new body. it's weird. so where i'm going with this- i did it! i made something sexy AND i feel amazing in it :)
isn't that cute..... AND a little provocative!?

that big white heart is a cut out, from the back, i look totally normal...
wait for it....

and then its a mega cleavage sneek attack!
growing boobs has been the very best part of gaining weight!
it's like a second puberty or something!

i looooove this dress! i think i got the pattern a few years back at a pattern sale, and it's just been sitting in my pattern mountain since then.
 butterick b5033

really wish i had used it sooner, because it was a really easy one! i just had to make a few adjustments to get the top i wanted, which by the way- was based on this photo:
i don't think i was too far off!

that's bernie dexter, if you don't know. i didn't know she existed until last week, but since then i have spent HOURS looking at her web site, drooling over practically everything on it. her clothes are ADORABLE! if you haven't checked her out yet, do it now. if i thought i could pull off that sultry pin up look, i would do it constantly.

le sigh...

oh wait! before i finish this up i wanted to share something. this is a little screen shot i took last week of the keywords people are typing in to find my blog and i just wanted to say WHAT THE FUCK????

i just, i just don't get it....