Friday, April 6, 2012

yeeeeeehaw! its a polyester dress!

if was to be only piece of polyester in my closet... you'd suppose it should be cute, right?
well, probably, but that's just too bad for me because i can't tell if this dress is ugly or not. i don't *think* that it is, but something about it just seems like it should be. something other than the fact that the fabric is polyester, like maybe it's the brown-purple-blue-black-white color combos....i just can't figure it out.
so, while the jury is still out deciding on if this dress is just a big turd or not, i dressed it up like a good ol' texan and have decided to wear it for a day while i make up my mind! so here it is, another version of simplicity 4637!
 nothing really wrong with it i guess.... just nothing special
 but at least i got all of the lines straight!
and i got to rock my super texan belt! yeeeeeeee hawwwww!


  1. I think it's cute. The fabric looks much nicer than you described it, maybe it is just because it is not unicorns or poodles that you don't like it as much :P

  2. I like it - the whole poiny of sewing for yourself is to make something a little bit different. This has just enough quirk without being outlandish = spot on!

  3. I actually really love it and it works well with the belt and boots!

  4. I know this is totally not the point, but your bookshelves are amah-zing :) We should totally be friends lol...

    (the dress is super cute. absolutely love the fabric!)


  5. thanks gals! i think i'm gonna end up keeping it- at least until the next clothing swap my friends and i have!

    and karen- this will make my boyfriend's day! he made those a few months ago to house his ever-growing book collection!

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