Thursday, November 10, 2011

this works for fall, right?

honestly, i don't think i've ever fully grasped fall and winter wardrobe colors. i try, but deep down i've never really gotten past my inability to dress weather appropriately, or even to match my own clothes for that matter. that, my dears, is why i wear dresses all the god damn time. no matching issues.
i blame a lot of that on the fact that we only get a couple weeks of cold weather here... its pretty summery most of the year. its hard to dress for cold when it isn't happening!
well, i decided to try to make something fallish for a change. i thought i would at least try to wear something that isn't unicorns or floral or bright! granted, this isn't the most adult thing i've ever made... for some reason i have been making nothing but silly dresses for the past month.... BUT it is still awesome!
SO, i pulled out my ol' pal simplicity 4982 again,

grabbed some fabric that i've been hoarding for a year or so, and whipped out this:

sorry the colors are so weird. that part of the house has the worst lighting ever.

reason #1 why i like this dress: pockets. big ones. i think that is one of the best parts of being a seamstress- being able to put pockets in everything!

reason #2: i feel pretty fierce in this. i think its the family of lions on my shoulder...

all of the other reasons (comfortable, easy, light) aren't as important. ya know? it hardly gets cold here, so i think this will work quite well for the remainder of 'fall.' also, you totally can't tell in the photo, but i have the greatest boots on with this. fo' real.

now my next challenge for the day is to make a NICE fall dress to wear to a wedding tomorrow! my fabric stash used to be incredible... but lately, it's been widdled away to (what feels like) nothing.

don't get me wrong, i have a lot of fabric still, plus now its all color coordinated! its just that none of it feels right for a wedding in november. i have a few ideas, but i think need a cocktail or something to help me decide...


  1. What a STASH!!! I'm really quite jayloo! And is that a heart print fabric I spy on the 1st shelf?? Surely weddings are supposed to be full of joy and positive idealism... not boring autumnal colours... I'm loving the "silly" dresses, I'm sure after a cocktail or 3 you'll agree!

  2. i should note- that is my wall o' wonders in its glory days... between sewing for myself, my friend's shop, makers markets and etsy... it is quite a bit less amazing now...

  3. I love this dress too! Also, I appreciate your comment on sewretro- I am glad someone else actually uses vintage patterns and doesn't treat them like the original copy of the dec of indepedence...

  4. Amazing dress. I am totally loving these ridiculous dresses; I would totally wear them too!

  5. You are totally fierce in this. I am partial to a jungle theme myself and have some jungle esq. fabric in my stash I am dying to use.
    I am partial to pockets myself.
    I love this dress.

  6. Ooh could you post this dress too? I love your work! Kudos on your organizational skills too!

  7. Fabulous dress !! Gorgeous fabric and what a stash !! Is it wrong to feel slightly envious of EVERYTHING in this post ? Cant wait to see what you make next x

  8. Thought id let you know I featured this dress at my link up Saturday.