Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i am dying.

or at least i feel like i am. i do not enjoy being sick, and i am sick as a dog. if you didn't already know, flu season is here!, while i'm at home drowning in my own snot, i figured i may as well get off the couch for a bit and make a post. finally-- the poodle dress!!!!

i totally made this weeks ago, but i haven't gotten around to taking decent photos of it until now! i used this pattern-
simplicity 3961

which i grabbed at the same estate sale as the fabric. as soon as i held them both up, i knew they were meant to be! well, actually my first thought was "oh my god-- these would be the BEST KITCHEN CURTAINS EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" but i didn't quite think tyler would go for it. our whole house is pretty bright and less than masculine already... so second thought... this dress:
woop woop!

i seriously loooove this dress! it has pockets, puppies, and looks fantastic with a big, big crinoline! i wasn't totally sold on the bows, so they are both detachable. so far i've worn this with just one bow attached, and i stuck this marvelous pin on it that tyler's lovely aunt sherry got me for christmas last year

go on, say it. d'awwwwwwwwwwww.....

speaking of the know, a few paragraphs back.... we FINALLY got a coat of paint on it! holllaaaaaaa!

once i have my shutters and flower boxes, i will be happy

if you don't know already, tyler and i moved into this house in january of this year. true story- used to be a crack house. really. and it totally looked the part when we moved it. it took WEEKS before i would even get naked here! 
while it may not be the biggest or greatest house in the world, it has a lot of potential! it was built in 1948, has all wood floors, a detached garage, a fig tree, a pecan tree and two pomegranate trees, is in a nice neighborhood with MULTIPLE ice cream trucks, is walking distance from the grocery store... and also we have a KILLER back yard! it is huuuuuuge
we still have a lot of work to do, but fixing it up like we want it is pretty amazing. there is some more exterior work to be done, and the kitchen is pretty bare right now, but it does have a new ceiling, walls and tile floor! the bathroom has been our greatest accomplishment so far. we have some trim to paint and need to fix the window frame, but check this shit out! we are awesome!

i know these are too big, but you have to look at it up close to really appreciate the work we did!

so, it has been awesome! with all of the time im spending at home i wish i could be doing more productive things, but it just isn't gonna happen. i plan on doing nothing more than sitting on the couch eating soup and watching this show until i get better. 

poor, poor tyler....


  1. I don't know why that poodle fabric couldn't have worked as curtains (blue for a boy!!) but so nice as a dress. get well soon!!

  2. ps - you have a fig tree. I don't want to be jealous but I am.

  3. haha, thanks! i think tyler puts up with enough of my craziness and girliness that i'll let the lack of poodle curtains slide.... he
    1. is a manly man
    2. sings in a hard core band (thats how tough he is!)
    3. let me paint the living room seafoam green
    4. let me paint the kitchen turquoise
    5. let me have a sewing room
    6. lets me turn the entire house into a sewing room when i have a project to do

    basically, he's awesome. our current (also awesome) curtains will do just fine :)

  4. Oh my god, that dress! I think I'm in love. I love so many things about it!

    I think the bows work, and that pin is perfect. And the contrast band on the pockets is lovely. That fabric is a kick.

  5. I absolutely love your dress¬ I love the fabric and it is so cute, and the bows, and the pin, argh so beautiful!

  6. THAT DRESS! It's so perfect!!! You have such good luck with finding awesome fabric!

  7. LOVE this dress! The fabric is so over the top, the bows are perfect on it. It is fabulous go-for-broke and I bet it is just right with a crinoline under it.