Monday, June 28, 2010

hoarding house sneek-peek!

so, here it is after WEEKS of cleaning, organizing and sorting.


so here is wall one:

here you can find every sewing notion ever created

wall two

every color of the rainbow represented in thread

wall three

magazines from the 80's on

wall three continued

more magazines, needlework, ribbons and more

and in the livingroom

we have elastic and serger thread mountain!

now keep in mind, there is still a patio and barn full of fabrics! plus, pretty much all of those drawers in all of those dressers are totally packed with fabric! so, again, if you need ANYTHING i am selling these all for cheap! shoot me an email at
crissy_baker (at) yahoo (dot) com


  1. Hi Crissy, did you find any terry cloth amongst all of that? Monique xx

  2. Crissy, we live in Yorktown, between SA and Victoria. I am interested in the Bernina feet, what #'s are they? Please email me at

  3. Ohh how much for serger thread and fabrics?

  4. cheap! it all will depend on how much you want of it! send me an email with what you are interested in... be specific- there is a LOT!

  5. What about the bonfit patterner?

  6. Wow, you have so much stuff. I'm in the UK and feel the postage would be expensive for me. Good luck in your clearout.

  7. Do you have any small print/calico fabric? How much for elastic and serger thread? Any quilter's cottons?

  8. I'm in Florida (not too terribly far away)...would love a road trip! (wish I could)

    I need cotton fabrics? and some 50's patterns?

  9. i start some piles for you ladies! i havent even gotten close to going through all the fabric yet!

  10. wow what a job, sounds amazing. Any vintage kids patterns or knitting stuff? That's lightweight to ship to UK? hint hint. xx

  11. So what kind of magazines? I have a friend in Florida who might be convinced to pick some stuff up, but I need to know what you've got. Thanks!

  12. I've emailed you a few days ago, but didn't get a reply.
    I'm in Australia. I'm interested in some floral fabric in purple, lilac, mauve colour.

    Also, I'm after some vintage patterns, 40s or 50s.

    Do you have vintage buttons?

    Hope you can get back to me!

  13. sorry kennis! my mail box is so full!
    i think there are some patterns, ill post those later on.
    buttons are a no, but the fabric is a yes! ill start a box for you!

  14. Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos! That is a treasure trove, I tell ya!

  15. I am interested in fasteners (snaps, hooks & eyes, zippers), needles of all kinds, and trims and bias tape/rick rack/seam binding. I will pay any shipping/handling/related costs and any fair price for the items. You have done a great job of sorting and organizing!