Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how did i forget this?

i had probably the most productive day ever last week! i mean, usually i can get a lot done in a day, but i even surprised myself! so friday i came home from tyler's in the morning and started sewing and i did. not. stop.
well, i stopped for a little while to make a wedding gift but thats in a second....
i made a shirt, shorts, sewed button holes and buttons on a skirt that i made in november, and then i made a bad ass dress! WTF???
the shirt i made for my sister kathy. she bought this fabric ages ago and picked out a pattern and i kept putting it off and putting it off... and then one day we saw the *exact* same shirt on modcloth for $107! WTF???

theirs vs. mine:
mine is from simplicity 7896, suckas

and i made these cute little 'tap-shorts':

simplicity 6973- you better believe my ass hangs out the bottom!

and this friggin' awesome dress:

anne adams 4769

and, AND i did a glass etching on a champagne bottle and glasses for a wedding we went to the next day!

im just gonna out the design from the bottle here because they never show up in photos.

clearly, someone spiked my coffee.


  1. Did you crash and burn after all of this? WOW!!! that is PRODUCTIVE. They all look smashing...but I have to say 'that dress' ohhhh 'that dress' to die for!!!

  2. Great job! I have to tell you that I love the tap shorts and the pattern you used is a pattern I used back in the late 70's when it was new! I loved that skirt, blouse & jacket combo! Thanks for the memories :)!

  3. Wow! You were very productive! Love everything. The Anne Adams dress is my fav.


  4. I'm a huge anne adams/marian martin fan :-) well done, that dress is lovely!!

  5. Stunning-the Ann Adams dress is divine!

  6. Good work! I particularly love the blouse.

    (Ooh the word verification says "producti" - add a "ve" and that's you!)

  7. Agree.. the Ann Adams dress is wonderful! .. what brand of coffee do you drink?

  8. Came here through Sew Retro, love the blog...
    1) I have that blouse pattern! Glad to know it sews up so pretty.
    2) I freaking love the dress. I will murder you then probably weep that it is not my size.

  9. Do you want to sell me this pattern Anne Adams?
    I would appreciate more! the pattern I like very much but unfortunately I can buy it anywhere ...please,please,please!
    write me please to:

  10. Loving Simplicity 6937...I have that pattern and I've been meaning to make the tank top! Also, love the blouse...crazy how it's so similar to the ModCloth top but you saved a ton of money :P