Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i enjoy being a girl

because i get to make and wear stuff like this:

and i totally have the perfect hat to go with it!

i have a wedding to attend this weekend so of course i had to make a new outfit! plus its tyler's family... and i believe they have all come to expect this sort of thing by now.
... as well they should.
i am in love with this dress though, totally serious. its made from simplicity 4637 from 1954.
AND this was a free pattern!

i started it last night about 7 and just finished the ol' girl up! yeehaw! i think i am allowed to be at maximum sass in this dress because thats what i was getting putting it together.
first, i didnt have all of the pattern pieces
second, i ran out of the thread i was using at the sleeves with exactly ONE FRIGGIN INCH LEFT.

its true, i measured!

then my iron, which i use on EVERYTHING when im sewing was getting all poopy-doody so i had to stop today and clean it up

'the fuck did this even come from???

and THEN i didnt have any more of the bias tape i was using for the trim so i went to that hoarders house because its a hell of a lot closer than any fabric stores and its the one color she DIDNT buy in bias tape so i came home all cranky- but not too much because i grabbed some patterns while i was there- and found the size/color i needed like, 3 feet from the sewing machine!


i was upset.
but then i finshed it up and twirled around and now i feel good because its so darn pretty!

just look at all those pleats!

everything i like about girlyness in one dress! pleats, petticoats, flowers, bows, matching hats! i might even have to get out some gloves!

i have enough fabric left over to make audrey a pretty bow or dress or shirt or something too!
not that she needs any help being fucking ADORABLE or anything. shes completely got that down.


  1. I'm not a girlie girl and I LOVE this dress. The way you mixed the girlie floral print with black accents added so much punch.

    BTW, the gunk in your iron was probably from your water. I know. It sounds wrong but, there you go. Try mixing 1 tbsp of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water. Pour it into your iron and push the shot of steam button, running the solution through your iron until it is gone. It will be smelly but it help get any residue in your iron out of it.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. excellent idea! thank you! i seriously iron EVERYTHING so there is probably a crap load of starch in there too... i iron the patterns, fabric, bias tapes-- everything!

  3. I love the crinoline sneaking a peek from under the twirly skirt :)

  4. Found your blog via Sew Retro. Your sense of humor made me spew my coffee this morning. I felt like I was reading my brain talking out loud on someone else's blog. The dress, btw, totally RAWKS. Love love love the black accents. I'm in Fort Worth, and hasn't the heat been abysmal already?

  5. Christine, I can imagine you were upset, but oh my, what a gorgeous dress you made. Beautiful!

  6. I found you post via Sew Retro. It's a lovely dress! I really like the fabric you chose and the black ribbon is a nice idea.

  7. LOVE this. If you see another pattern for this Please let me know!! I am in love with your dress!

  8. Oh my gosh, this is such a super-cute dress! Love, love, love the black accents with the little bow-ties! You did a great job.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  9. Hey, I saw two things here that woke me out of my stupor this afternoon. First, you mentioned the hoarder. That was me who emailed you from Austin about the post on Sew Retro (Kristin)! Well, I mean, I'M not the hoarder but you know what I'm talking about.

    Second, when I saw the picture on a previous post of Spec's, JoAnn's AND Krispy Kreme I knew I was in familiar territory. There is a Spec's right next to the JoAnn's near me. I wonder if they're in this together? I must say, it's VERY convenient. I do, however, manage to visit Spec's AFTER I buy fabric and not before!

  10. i sew best after a good trip to specs!

  11. this dress looks great, I would have thought the dark trim and the softer fabric would not work but wow it is fantastic.

  12. i love this dress. i want this dress! feel free to send it my way when you're done with it.

  13. Totally sassy dress. love the fabric with the black trim.