Wednesday, June 9, 2010


we got hit by a SUPER storm last night and lightning struck the transformer for our house, leaving us without power for about 13 hours. what with this being south texas and all, it was both hot-as-balls, and humid.
so! to pass the time my beautiful baby girl guadalajara and i had a photo shoot outside!

after that, my mother found my diary from 1997 which was absolutely PHENOMENAL!
apparently i was a bit of a creep. the obsession i have for john and steven- whew! its a wonder i didnt grow up to be a total stalker (or did i???)
puberty also hit me pretty hard:

i would be lying if i didnt say i was confused about the 'length' of my boobs... which never did get all that big either. all i know is after tyler sees that i have made that photo my status on facebook and tagged him as the boob line, i might be single.

later blog,
crissy baker

my boobs totally got bigger!!

they are about
___________________ long


  1. Hahahaha! I love old diary entries!

  2. the amount of awkwardness in that small notebook is amazing.

  3. Your blog is so great and funny! YAY for sewing and making LOLZ!

  4. just found your blog through Sew Retro. your dog is beautiful and just as cute as can be. i love your classic diary entry. fabulous!

  5. came via sew retro too - you're hilarious, love the way you write.
    ps my boobs got longer too!

  6. my dad gave me a 'time capsule' letter he found in my grandmothers' house I had written in 1974.. we won't talk about how old I was then.. lol.. anway.. your diary entry is funny and reminds me of my 'time capsule'. I even imagine how hot and miserable it must have been to be without ac for 13 hours! uggg. cute pup!