Monday, June 14, 2010

its like... atlantis or something!

you know how some people look like things... and you cant put your finger on what it is they look like but then when you finally realize what it is its like the universe makes sense?
exhibit a

i really wish i could remember who i described as looking like a melting wolf the other day. its been bothering me nonstop.

anywho... so ive been over at the hoarder house a lot lately and i hope you ladies are ready for some goodies! last week i organized *all* of her books. all 200+ of them. several duplicates but there are books about everything crafty!
this week ive been going through all of her dressers in there and ive been finding things that i didnt even know existed! amazing things! its like treasure island or atlantis! magical goodies around every corner! haazaaaah!
i also am bracing myself for the 40+ boxes of fabric in the garage. ive brought home some fabrics already and made myself some nice things- like this! but there is still soooooo much more!

and on another side note, next month i am going to be in a local magazine for my vintage sewing and collecting! tyler is writing the article and on monday our friend josh is coming out to take some photos. i hope he understands that this is a challenge because i just so happen to be the most un-photogenic person of all time.
pretty much every picture of me includes at least one of the following:
- crazy eye
- crazy hair
- a look like i need to poop or something
- a look like i am pooping or something
- weird contorting that makes me look like a tornado
- sudden disappearance of upper lip, eye brows, and/or all feminine qualities
so either he will be like, the best photographer ever and get a good photo, or ill go in the magazine looking like this:

how do i even have a boyfriend?

i feel like i should note that in the photo we were at my humid out-door camping birthday party... things were tough.

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