Friday, April 29, 2011

because i can NOT do anything the easy way....

i love costume parties. and i mean, LOVE.
i love making outfits, getting dolled up, mingling with other people dressed up like crazies... there just isn't one thing about them that i don't love! tomorrow is my friend anita's birthday party, and it it not a costume party.
the theme: lingerie party. seriously. underwear. 
well, i decided not to let that 'theme' get in my way, and i have created possibly the most ridiculous outfit possible. this is my choice for lingerie:

hell yeah i'm making a coney unitard!

most likely i am just going to look crazy, but I think that i would be crazy NOT to! i already have almost a full bolt of pink satin, belt kits and plenty of t.p. to stuff the cones with-- so i started my sketches and got to work! 

this is my attempt to sketch. laugh and i might have to pulverize you. 

luckily for me, jean paul gaultier has twitter account (yeah, twitter! 'the fuck??) so when i was google-ing for better photos, i came across this gem and others he has posted up on twitter that really helped put some detail into my sketches...

unfortunately for me, i did not add the handy pee slot that looks like it has.
(i hope its just for peeing....)

so far this is where i'm at. and i want to say, i am NOT this short and stumpy... at least i don't think i am.
taa daaaaaaa

a little detailing around the leg hole

mother of pearl hardware on the shoulder straps

 i am basically finished... i still need to attach the garters in the back, do a little reinforcement stitching...
because wearing something this tight when the fabric has ZERO stretch to it is a little rough on the seams, and i need to figure out the boobs. they are a *little* to spaced out i think. they kind of get all wonky when i put it on, like one is looking east and the other is looking west.
i looked at madonna's photos on line, and it looks like she had 2 of these outfits. one has the boobs real close and looking forward, and the other one has a pretty decent sized gap between so both boobs are looking backstage at the same time. i might leave the spacing, only because i don't want to jeopardize this profile:

you know someone is getting stabbed before the night ends!
also, i really like how the stitching came out on the cones

 the inside isn't as pretty, but there is hidden boning in there! about 8 pieces per pyramid!

in all, this really has not been too difficult to make. i used the clown hat from simplicity 4863
which belonged to tyler's grandmother, she had 2 in different sizes for each of her girls!

and because i didn't want my ass hanging out, i used simplicity 5525 to cut out the back pieces. 
i had to use my imagination to add stretch room...

all the rest was just cutting and guessing. like i said before- wingin' it is totally my thing! 
now since i still have a little bit more to add, tomorrow i will post of a photo of me wearing this. i think im gonna have to set my hair in curlers (even though my hair is already curly-- i DEMAND ringlets!) and maybe draw on a big dramatic mole (even though i am already all freckle-y....) know, all i have to do is show up in any underwear. i don't have to do this and really it couldn't be less necessary, but where is the fun in that?


  1. That's pretty awesome! I can't wait to see the finished result. How did you actually make the cones? Is it one piece of fabric, or several?

  2. Wow, I am seriously awed by that amazing Madonna inspired bodysuit.

    And I love how you made it your own with the little details and that sweet pink color. ♥

    The Cat Hag