Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so just to explain why there was never a picture of my in my madonna get up- i was defeated by a crummy plastic zipper. as we were about to walk out the door the zipper busted on it so i ended up wearing just a slip and a vintage bra :/ what a bummer....
on the bright side though, i already have my halloween costume done!!!
in new news-- about 2 weeks ago i was asked by a really wonderful girl who owns a really wonderful vintage shop in town if i would like to sell my clothes in her shop! how could i say no??? so i busted ass to make a shitload of clothes for her to sell in a little market that was held this weekend at the pearl brewery- which used to be a brewery but is now an incredible live/work/eat/play/market/awesome space that i also work out of now for the dog bed job! so behold! this is only SOME of the stuff i whipped up for her!

i was given this fabric last year and i had apparently been sitting on the 
shelf waiting for this dress....

this actually has a waist on it. i regretfully did not get good photos of 
pretty much any of these. i just rushed out the door with crap-shots.

this was my favorite, but these photos couldn't do it less justice. i am
remaking this for myself and will get the good shots!

this came out so cute!!! it is a plus size, which was a little new for me
to work with, but came out easy! i looooove the lobster :)

in all i sent her 16 outfits. i was BUSY!!!!
AND i have been doing sewing other than for the shop! my sister's birthday was on the 8th, so we had a party for her the following weekend. the theme was one my siblings and i have been dreaming of using for years-- HANNA BARBERA COSTUME PARTY!!!!! it was soooooo rad :)
i used these two patterns for tyler and my costume shorts:

and i came up with these:

 taaa daaaa!!!!

we kicked ass as the harlem globe trotters! we also had the entire cast of captain planet, shazaan (the birthday girl), 3 or 4 pebbles, 3 shaggys, a member of the hair bear bunch, lots of scooby doo and flinstones characters, and sea lab (an exception since its not hanna barbera but is awesome.) it was a great night... it actually got cold which is totally bizarre for may in texas, but it was pleasant all the same. 

so not that that is all done with, i am now working on tailoring some suits for my brother, who recently graduated college and is ready for interviews, altering my cousins 1930's style wedding dress and i am also (this is my favorite new project) making a dress for my beautiful friend lauren who is going to a vaudeville themed wedding this week! she needed something fantastic so we designed a paul poiret inspired dress! its being made with a nice cobalt blue satin with a white and black striped under layer. pretty much this is going to be the best dress ever! hopefully i will post the photos today or tomorrow!


  1. ewwwww- i dont know why all of the pictures are blurry all of a sudden! sorry about that!

  2. Love that lobster dress, so cute!

  3. You've convinced me to start adding lobsters to everything I own.