Tuesday, May 31, 2011

attack of the down/feather blend!

so i'm finishing up another dog bed today. we are trying to make them as luxurious as possible... so far we have tried cotton batting, poly blends and a memory foam mattress, but this bed- oh, this bed.....


good GOD they are everywhere! i knew this was going to be messy, but i didn't expect them to be literally in everything. when i went pee after doing this, there were feathers in my undies. no joke. 
the good thing about this is that i got to make my second trip to the foam products store, which has become (embarrassingly so) my new favorite store. it is so cool in there! they have so much neat stuff for pretty cheap! you can get all kinds of foam and mattress in absolutely any shape or size... they have cheap leathers and upholsteries  fabric dyes, binding, glues, things for ironing, things for wrinkles, neat tools, commercial sewing machines.... i feel like a kid in a candy store! 
when i got the feathers i decided i would see how big the bags are to determine how much to buy. you can only buy in 5 and 10 pound increments, and in 50/50 or 25/75 down/feather blends. the 5 pound bag didnt look like it would fill a whole bed so i got the 10 pounder. it was about as big as if i held my finger tips together like a ballerina. seemed perfect! 
then i got home, untied the string at the top and it EXPLODED into a bag 3 feet tall and spewing with feathers! 

 i probably should have known it would take a lot of compressing to make a 10 POUND bag of feathers so small. and i should have known 10 POUNDS of feathers was a shit load of fluff.

there is soooo much left over! in all i was able to stuff a big bed, 2 pillows, carpet my house and dog, involuntarily stuff my panties and stir up tyler's down allergy.
lesson learned: next time charge more for feathers.


  1. That is crazy feathers!! I usually don't give unsolicited advice, but I am going to anyway...

    The best dog bed I ever owned had down feathers, but also had cedar chips in it! It smelled awesome, and kept fleas away.

    Just an idea for you!

  2. great idea!!!! thank you! i work for a company that is just starting out, we are still on sample beds. ill throw that idea out at the next meeting!

  3. Now I want to make a pillow and fill it with feathers. But i want to but the plastic bag in the pillow and open it there. it would probably be the cleanest and worst stuffing job ever. :)