Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day dress!

i'm sure it has become obvious by now that i can NOT pass up an occasion to make a new dress/dress up when totally unnecessary. 
so yesterday we went to a big bbq on the river with mine and tyler's families and i got to wear this:
(this is the front, and the back is on the right... 
tyler kept saying i had my dress on backwards all day...)

i only wore it for a little while before we got in the water, but then i got the give my new swimsuit a good run! it worked out perfect by the way...

i made the dress from mccalls 5314, which i used earlier this month for the market is sewed for... 

but this time i took a photo that didnt make the dress look like a turd. i even was able to completely do all of the sewing in the 2 hours i had in the morning before we left! those are some speedy skillz, yo. i am 100% sure i am the only girl in texas who wears petticoats to the river, but i dont think anyone else had a dress this awesome for the holiday either! i loooooove the back detail, it is such a fun dress! 

(probably should'a ironed the bow first.....)

and just to make you jealous before i post this, behold-- the amazing place we spent the day:

at the river...
looking towards the house....


  1. It's so pretty! I adore the fabric. You could get so much use out of it - flag day, july 4th, boating (it's sort of nautical, right?), and election day! I love the crinoline peeking out.

  2. Oh, this dress is fantastic, love it!

  3. How gorgeous, I absolutely love it!!!