Friday, June 3, 2011

any occasion to make a new dress....

today i am going on a big business shopping trip with my new boss to buy a new sewing machine, fabrics and other dog bed things.... so i thought i needed a good new dress! some of the places we are headed to aren't the most well air conditioned places, and also this is south texas so i whipped up something cool and cute!

taa daaaaaa!!!

this is simplicity 6982 from 1975. generally, im not the biggest fan of the seventies, but a cute pattern is a cute pattern! 
i went ahead and left the sleeves off.... it might keep me a little cooler that way!

the fabric is really nice. i had about 4 yards of it and its very very comfy! the pattern called for a curved edge on the skirt, but i didnt want to mess up the border print so i just cut it straight and used my ruffle foot to bring it in... plus now it looks killer with a little crinoline! the pattern is really great. i wish my camera captured it better than it did, but what can ya do?!

i also dont think the colors are done much justice here

in addition to this, i also finished up a shirt i made for that handsome piece of man i call tyler. he loves him a pearl snap, and i love him, so i made this:

showing off before work... and shakin' that sweet caboose!

this is from a stretch and sew pattern, 1762. the men all look super doofusey on the envelope, luckily that wasn't transferred to tyler in the process. the collar was HUGE on this, so i ended up having to take it off when i was done, cut about 2 inches off, and then sew it back on. ridiculous. 

view c looks like my dad in the 70's

i did finally get to use these awesome snaps i've had in my stash for a while. i had 2 packages, both from 1950. i think that i got these at a flea market, but i cant really remember anymore.
these only came in packs a 4. how stupid.

this was the first shirt i made for tyler. i had started another a while back but i lost one of the sleeves before i could attach it. he came home from work yesterday with 3 packs of pearl snaps he bought online, so it looks like i'll be venturing into mens shirts a little more often from now on!

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  1. I don't like a lot 70's either BUT as you said a pretty patter is a pretty pattern, in fact I thought the dress was from the 60's also, the fabric is pretty too, you did a great job with the shirt, I am doing one for my hubby too.