Friday, June 3, 2011

i forgot these...

i actually forgot to post these for a long time...

these are two dresses i made to wear to funerals (bummer) and have not posted yet..... so here they are! the first is from spadea N-1245 ( i wanna say this is 1963 but i'm not totally sure)

looking at it like this, the front and back totally look the same.

another pattern i got for free! wooooooo!

i made the entire dress in this black lace, which my sister picked up a bolt of for me from a huge yard sale at a big local theater

she loves me....

 it's really light weight and soft, which is good for our weather. i've already worn this a couple times! the second dress is from simplicity 1536 from 1956.
this dress is a little too heavy to wear in the summer... it'll be a fall dress for sure!

the pattern is from my favorite vintage shop in town. they always have great patterns and clothes and furniture for super cheap! i think this was probably 50 cents or a dollar... and now that im writing about it, i realize i haven't been there in ages and perhaps i'll have to add that to my todo list for the weeked!


  1. WOW! You have mad skills! I love all three of your creation, and I do hope you get to wear your funeral dresses to happier occasions. They're all fantasti!

  2. I really loved the grey dress!! you did a great job!! I also like the other one.
    So sad you had to wore them in funerals....

  3. I love your dresses and your work! Do you answer questions about vintage patterns? I just acquired a new one from 1966 that I'd like to take a stab at. Thanks. Tina ( (I'm not sure how to comment if I don't have a blog to register, sorry to be anonymous)

  4. Wow these dresses are so fabulous ! And the black one could always be hazard up with a brighter belt. Great cut too.