Monday, June 6, 2011

a weekend on the grill

this was a pretty productive weekend! i ended up spending pretty much the rest of friday and a good chunk of saturday morning setting up and playing with my new sewing machine.
basically, i am in love. it is just SO AWESOME! it sews through everything! i'm not a huge fan of the walking foot it came with, but i need to go pick up some other attachments anyways so i'll worry about that then. after tyler got up saturday, we made out way to the farmer's market for basil fest and snagged up some goodies (bison meat, fresh veggies and fresh goat cheese) took them home and got busy!

this tasted as good as it looked. particularly the little portobellos! 

we also picked our first batch of figs from our tree, 

they taste better than they look...

ate a few, and then i made a really good vanilla meringue with fresh fig slices in it! it was goooooooooood...

sunday we traded some of these for cupcakes from our 75 year old neighbor!

and then on sunday tyler and i went to a birthday party for our friend josh and had some wonderful drinks and eats. i (of course) made a new dress to go to the party in-- behold: the jazz bear dress!
i think this is for kid jammies, so it is REALLY soft!

i love the fabric so much, just look at that print! bears, squirrels and raccoons! 

i used a pattern i hadn't used before, butterick 2906.... and lemme just say that had the most inaccurate measurements EVER! it should have fit me perfectly, but i ended up taking at LEAST 4" off the bodice!

 i guess it's always a good thing when you're smaller than you thought, but i was trying to finish this in about 2 hours and could really have done without the extra drafting! in the end, all was good and i got to wear the most girly shoes in the world-- and they matched perfectly!


  1. I love your dress, it's really sweet, did you alter the front of the bodice from the pattern? Maybe its just the small picture but it looks different to the pattern you posted. I adore your shoes too!

  2. i gave it a sweetheart neckline so it would stay up a little better, but aside from that its all about the same :)

  3. I really, really, really love your dress!!!

  4. That fabric is too cute! What a great dress, and I am always amazed at your fast pace!

  5. That's really gorgeous! That fabric was such a lucky find!

  6. it is so cute! so love your dress. i almost want to ask if you could sell me some of that fabric!

  7. i'll see how much i have left! its in a few odd pieces, but i think there might be a good amount...

  8. This dress id adorable, love it! I just realised I need some cute animal dress too :)

  9. What lovely fabric - so cute! The shoes and dress are gorgeous, well done:-)

  10. I found your blog via Sew Retro- I'm so impressed with all of your lovely dresses!