Saturday, July 2, 2011

a non-patriotic dress

for once, i'm letting a holiday pass without making a dress to match it. partly because i don't need more red white and blue dresses than i already have, and partly because memorial day wasn't all that long ago and i don't have anymore fabric in my stash to match. instead, i finally decided to use some fabric that i had been saving for just the right pattern... and i found it. behold

from simplicity 4116- thats right, this pattern is only 5 years old!

i even used a NEW pattern for a change! course, i had to make a  few alterations to make it more me.... like a fuller skirt, tighter bodice and a MUCH higher waist... i mean really, does a dropped waist look good on ANYONE????
finally used some of my trim stash!

i also had to add some cute purple and black trim. the pattern called for lots of ruffles and lace and what not, but i'm happy with just this. i looooooove the colors and print of the fabric. its all cakes and mushrooms and mysterious things that i can only assume are also food related!


i wish i had more of this fabric, but i only had enough for this. i also realize now that iron this before i took those photos would have been a good idea. we came home from a little get together with tyler's family and i had a hankerin' for some bloggin' so y'all are just gonna have to deal with it


  1. Lovely!! The trims are great, way better than a bunch of ruffles. I think a straw hat full of cherries is the Best kind of patriotism... ;^)

  2. I love love love this! That print is so cute.

  3. OOOHHHH!!! VERY VERY CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!!! the fabric is so lovely, I loved the sleeves, everything in it, I donno the pattern you used but I am gonna google it right now!
    (It is "so Rachel" from the tv show Glee)
    LOVE IT!

  4. Ohh!! I JUST googled the pattern and I realized I OWN IT!! I got it as a free pattern from !!! your version is SO SO lovely, I'm thinkig very seriously about sewing it right away! just need the perfect fabric

  5. thanks! my sister tells me i dress a lot like rachel... but i think only because of the one episode where curt describes her as dressing like a toddler and a grandma at the same time. its *painfully* accurate! the pattern was real easy to do... i just couldnt do the drop waist :)

  6. Jennifer Kerr recommended your site on her blog and she was right! Love it! Love your sewing selections--fabric and patterns. As Arnold said "I'll be back!"