Sunday, July 10, 2011

shorts on a sho'tay!

it's summer time and its hot as a crotch so i decided to make some shorts! also, because it sometimes get a little too hot for a crinoline and lifting my dress up and cooling down my lady bits at every low fan or window unit i see apparently isn't "socially acceptable."

.....whatever that means.

so here are my shorts! sorry about the awkward positioning of my body, but it is hard to take photos in a poorly lit hallway all by my lonesome!

there were some pretty intense issues with these and the massive fupa they created... i told them, HELL NO!
also, check out this cool button i used! i found it in a purse i bought at a vintage shop!

so i used mccalls 9021, view a. i can't remember where i got this pattern from, but i did like it after all of the altering was done. oh yeah, i also had to make them considerably shorter than they suggested. they length they wanted made me look like a softball coach.

and in conclusion, if you are looking for a cameltoe enhancing, fupa creating, softball length pair of shorts, make these! if you want normal shorts, make these anyways but be ready for a crap ton of alterations!

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