Wednesday, July 13, 2011

momma didn't raise no fool

i know a good deal when i see one, and i know how to appreciate a rarity when i see one. i don't know if you've ever been able to witness a Joann's fabric store closing, but let me tell you- it is AMAZING!
twice i have been lucky enough to experience this. once when i was in high school and didn't sew enough to need a fabric hoard, and then again yesterday.
i knew that there was a location closing because my friend shelby (who runs an incredible vintage shop [where i occasionally sell my clothes at] and etsy store with her hubby even) told me about it a few weeks ago. i decided to wait because i know that instead of moving the merchandise to another store (they don't close one without opening another!) they mark things down more and more as time passes...
and then i forgot.
luckily, this weekend my friend viv told me about it again and i realized it was time to go! i told my sister about it and we headed out for our treasure hunt! dang.


we really liked the outside of the fabric more (left) because the inside looks stupid and memaw.
kathy and i have a deep love of nautical themed clothing... so when we saw this fabric, we went ahead and bought it all.

 this ladder fabric will probably become a home repairs dress, 
and the other will be a winter capelet for kathy

i also prefer the outside of this fabric (left)

here we have a future sarong dress and pencil skirt, both for kathy

and this is going to be a long dress and a hamburger themed dress.
(you read right. im planning an amazing burger dress.)

 and the best best best BEST part?!?!
saved a buttload.

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  1. So jealous! Getting deals on fabric and patterns may be the best new game I play for myself.

    Love your choices. I have a similar fabric to the one you'll use for the sarong. So pretty.