Monday, April 25, 2011

ain't no post like a over due post!

also, ain't no blogger like an unemployed blogger- and as of today i am once again unemployed!
(this time by choice. no lay-off for this hard ass! and also i don't usually work weekends so i'm counting today as day 1)
on friday i bid adieu to my job that i actually am not entirely sure i ever even mentioned here... so i'll do that now. i *was* working as the seamstress for a chain of dry cleaners here in san antonio. we did about 50/50 military and civilian. it was pretty much an awesome job and i feel like my sewing skills are possibly the most awesome ever. i mean, come on- the sign out front said "PROFESSIONAL TAILORING" and you know what? they meant me! ME! and i was god-damn-fantastic!
things just didn't work out for me [financially] so i told them 'toodles, bitches!' and got my self a new sewing job that could be even better because definitely in my list of favorite things, in the top 5 are sewing and puppy dogs, and i am going to be making super froo-froo dog beds for a living now! hollaaaaaaa!
i am going to be working with this really amazing woman who is a great combination of pretty, smart, dog lovin', and wicked stylish!
my last boss looked like the big booger in the mucinex commercials and was always looking at my boobies, so i look forward to the change.

i guess he wasn't green, but this is fairly accurate...
and to be honest he is a really really nice guy

the only prob-rem is that i won't *exactly* be working there full time for a while, so until then i am just gonna wing it. wingin' it is *kinda* my thing.
now i guess what i was trying to get to with this, is that since i will be having a bit more free time on my hands, hopefully i can get back to sewing more and even occasionally making posts! i even got my sewing room mostly put together! today i plan on finishing it up, but i am building up from a yucky space-


took a little cleaning after this, but here is my blank canvas...

 so far i have it painted on all but 1 wall where tyler has like, 3 big book cases FULL of books and what-not, added shelves and a desk and just finished putting together my favorite chairs of all time. probably i'll go finish this right now and post up my finished project :)

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