Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sewing room is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

pretty much all done in the sewing room, and im just gonna say- hot DAMN is it fantastic!
BEHOLD! the wonders of the craft space:

i. have room. for. EVERYTHING!

all of my machines have a place...

i am so excited, i think i even peed a little....

space for my buttons, 

all of my patterns,

 and my vintage herbert levines- which come on, deserve their own space!

and i even have space for BOTH of my dress forms which means i can finally finish these three pieces i've been working on-

i've used the shirt and skirt patterns before, and the pink dress is self drafted but has a pretty vintage collar on it that i got for free by smooth talkin' an old man at the flea market

the dress is un-attaching from the collar, thats the part that needs more work

i also found these vintage birds i got from my favorite vintage shop. they look like they are cut off of something, so it might be tricky to use without the old fabric showing.

 they are sequins and beads and are much better looking up close

 and, best of all, little stinky splinter finally got to come over and move back in with me! he got his own special bed in the sewing room today, which will SOON be replace by a expensive one i made :)

 look at them crooked arms and tongue! i just love him to bits!

so hopefully this means lots of new projects coming up soon. i still have a couple of boxes to unpack still which i know are full of more vintage treats :)


  1. Wow, your space looks amazing! It's quite a stash you have there...especially pattern-wise!!! I also love the dresses you're working on...swoon!

  2. Gorgeous!! (wiping drool off my chin!) I used to have a 'room' that became the guest room (which is better use of the space) with all my goods except my sewing desk upstairs in our sitting room. Having an organized space is fab!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, and seen your sewing room!
    We haven't bought our own house yet as we live in England where house prices are beyond the pale, but when I do, this is my dream! I've even drawn up pictures of how I'll set it up, so can't tell you how much I admire and am jealous of your room (in equal measures).

    Helen (who will one day have her sewing room of joy)