Thursday, March 1, 2012

gettin' stuff done!

i started this post a while back, and THOUGHT i saved it to finish later.... but obviously didn't. balls.

anywho.... so that market i mentioned a month ago came and went, and it was SO fun! the market was held in the beautiful space on the riverwalk just beneath a fabulous old theater. look at my cute little ol' booth!

i think it came out pretty cute! it actually looks a lot like a mini version of my living room....

those little doggie pillows were a real hit, and lemme just say, were a brilliant last minute idea! i seriously whipped those all up the night before the market out of all of the scrap fabric left from my dresses! 

there were even a few dresses for sale with matching pillows!

 i only ended up with a few left out of nearly 20! not bad at all :)

in other good news, i finally finished making a sari that i had started working on over a month ago! look at this beauty, in her beauty-ful sari!

i hope she doesn't mind my posting these....

it's before she was ready and before the final pressing so everything is a little poofy!

ok, and i should say a friend of mine corrected me that this isn't actually a sari, but an anarkali... but i don't want to embarrass myself trying to pronounce that so i'm calling it a sari! oh! i even made the churidar pants to go with it! i should have taken a photo of those... dammit! 
i am pretty happy with how this came out, and with the fit. this was one of those magical clients that is- to the eighth of an inch, the same exact size as i am, so fittings weren't even needed! it was amazing! courtney bought all of the supplies for her garment, but i went ahead and added in this pretty glass button detail from my button stash to the back.

 you know, just a little sumthin' sumthin'

now my big project is pulling a 3 piece suit out of my ass in a week. i've gotten all of the meticulous measuring down, most of the patterns cut, the fabric bought... i just have to sit down and finish it! only... i'm off for like 4 days in a row and am having a pretty hard time focusing on it. today i spent a LONG time cleaning off the top of my dresser and sorting out my crap-ton of jewelry.
see? its MOSTLY clean!

poor tyler, i don't know how he puts up with my messy messy self! so now i am off to ATTEMPT to focus on that suit, right after i dig this frito out of the keyboard, because i am not just messy, i am also a fat ass.

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