Friday, March 30, 2012

drunk blogging

yeah. it's friday night, 10:30, and i am drunk at home. uuuuugh......
this i what happens when work schedules, sewing schedules and tyler recording his band collide.
so, i didn't win the $164,000,000 lottery tonight, which means our dreams of myself, my sister and all of our friends running off to create the drunken adventure show 'broads abroad' is going to be on hold for a little while longer. also, we won't be buying any stock in franzia any time soon, either.

oops! this was actually last night....

so, for this drunk post, let me show you this dress i made for a wedding last week!

pro'lly shoulda ironed it... meh.

i felt like a little blue tulip in it! i was inspired by this vintage dress,

which i have no idea anymore where on the internet i found it, but that skirt was just SO cuute i had to make it! i used my favorite skirt pattern for the under skirt, and winged the rest. i don't know why i could figure out the rest of this dress, but the simple pencil skirt was too much... pro'lly i'm a dummy.

i really wanted for the 'top layer' of the dress to wrap around like a little robe or coat, but it was SO much easier to just sew it all together, so i did that instead. i wanted to have a little wiggle dress, with a poofy wrap dress over, but it just did not happen. i did get the 'look' right. if you pull down the little flaps, thats what you got. you can see from my little doodles what my big plans were.

oh, AND i made a cute belt to match- did you see that cute bow? yep. it's a belt.

some of you may notice (but i doubt it) that my dress form looks nice or possibly new- nope! chuck testa! i got my fabulous fit in the mail! my boyfriend, who happens to be the best boyfriend on the planet, got it for my for my birthday!
best. gift. ever.
obviously the first thing i did when it came in the mail was take out every single pad and stuff them into my clothes. i CAN'T be the only person who has done this, but the internet has led me to believe otherwise....

i think i over padded my belly....

either way, if you don't have one of these, BUY ONE. it is the best thing ever in the history of things.

...and now i am going to stop blogging before i further embarrass myself. that and there is an episode of x-files coming on that is cops + x files in ONE EPISODE. it's gonna be great! and, i am too drunk to be doing this anyways.

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  1. Ha! I love your tulip dress! Also I looove your drunk blogging post, I think that all bloggers should do this! I can't understand why there are not more padded up booty photos out there?