Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ok, ONE more post for the day and then i'm done

alrightie! big BIG thanks to cecilivictoria, and leah for all giving me the versatile blogger award! 
i am awkwardly giddy about this. actually, everytime i get a comment, or have a new follower, i just sit infront of my computer and make this totally stupid giggle/laugh thing that probably sounds sort of like "gawheeheehaaaaww..." it. is. silly.
but anyways, thanks gals!  

so first the rules:
add the badge to the winning blog page

thank the blogger who gave it

list the rules

list seven (7) random facts about yourself

pass on the award to fifteen (15) deserving and conscientious bloggers who are nominated for their diligence, demonstration skill, and achievements in the world of blogging anf specifically in the sewing related

contact the nominated bloggers and let them know they are recipients


and here are my seven facts!

1. i cry. i cry a LOT. sad movie? tears. happy movie? tears. wedding? tears. too much pms? tears. my sister makes a really funny face at me? tears. all dogs go to heaven? oh you better believe there are tears!

2. i have a pretty sweet dinosaur tattoo on my right butt cheek... when i got it, i called it a mega-sore-ass!

3. i own well over 60 incredible vintage hats, and don't really wear more than 15 of them in a year... maybe i am becoming a hoarder, but good GOD i hope not!

4. i love, and i mean LOVE the x files. i watch it all the time!

5. i have a lot freckles. i don't think you can tell in all of the photos i put up.... also i don't really put up photos all that often so you really probably CAN'T tell, but they are there, and they are everywhere!

6. my best friends and i first bonded over a mutual love of a porn parody we all had happened to see. we are obviously all disgusting people.

7. i have what could fill a FEW albums of cheesy songs i sing to my boyfriend about our dogs. my favorite and current hit is entitled 'dog guitar'

so those are my fun facts, and i would like to give out this fun award to the following people, in no particular order:

kyle at momentary madness!
claire at sew something vintage
susan at spare time for sewing
forrest at presser foot propaganda
emmi at the bar nothing (who made the most adorable lady and the tramp skirt on the planet, by the way)
allie at ice pink stars
lisette at what would nancy drew wear
kelsey at is that sew
sam at all things quilty
carla at the scientific seamstress
rachel at boo dogg and me
molly at molly's sewing and garage sale adventures
darla at retro ways
katie at the little red squirrel
and sorbet suprise!

i'm sure most of these fine folks already have been tagged, but it doesn't hurt to get it twice right? it just means you are more awesome! have fun!


  1. Yaaaay thank you! You're so sweet! I haven't been tagged with this one (or if I have I've forgotten about it because I am months behind in blogging) - not sure if I'll have time to do the tag but I want you to know I really, really appreciate it all the same!

    I have to laugh when I read about your bonding over porn parodies - I introduced my friends into that hilarious and disgusting world one drunken night (there is one where ET goes back in time to f*** Lincoln and his household... don't google after eating!)

    Are you storing your hats on hooks or nails? Lack of storage space is the main reason I don't buy more - they all end up in this vintage suitcase I have and I forget about them!

  2. Hehe, nice to know all this about you, you're quite the terror^^! I realise that when I gave you this award I forgot to tell you how much I love reading your blog, your creations are awesome!

  3. emmi- my. god. i HAVE to see this e.t. one! we all have such an awkwardly deep love for porn parodies!
    my hats all hang from those accordian fold coat racks... the kind that are made of wood and hang on the wall.
    cecili- i am so silly giggly about your nomination! i LOVE you blog, thank you so much <3

  4. <3 your blog and your amazing creations. I sew as well, but am not nearly as skilled as you. I love your 7 facts, but I have to know about your dog... what type is she? She has the same exact face as my 4 month old Bichon mix pup... and oh, how I adore that sweet sweet face!

    Thanks for sharing all you fun stuff!


  5. thanks amiee! that is audrey- she is a yorkie shih-tzu mix! she is the runt of her litter, just turned 3 and is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life! her contribution to the hit song, 'dog guitar' is letting me carry her around the house strumming her belly like a guitar while i sing to tyler!

  6. Wow thanks for the nomination! I have never had one of these blog awards so I am looking forward to posting it! I love your facts and I will try and come up with something funny and unknown about me!