Tuesday, February 7, 2012

another puppy dress? HOW AM I 25???

so i am crawling around on the floor, cutting out a pattern and i realized all of a sudden that i let a week past without posting a new dress i made! so i stopped everything i was doing and stared at my camera that is RIGHT NEXT TO MY SEWING MACHINE and asked myself 'how have i not posted this dress?' so, here it is: the puppy dress!

arf! arf!

now, this is probably just more proof that i am in fact a giant toddler, but i don't care. (well i do a little, but not enough to not make and wear things like this) this is just the cutest damn dress i've made in a while!

i found the perfect buttons and trims to match! 

 the fabric is something i have had stashed away in my dwindling fabric hoard for a few years now... and i have been too terrified to use it. you know how when you get some really fantastic yardage, you get so scared of wasting it you can't use it? that's this. that's actually this and half of the rest of the fabric i have. anywho, i got it at the wimberly market days for like, $15 for about 3 yards. the pattern is (again) simplicity 4270... which makes this the 5th or 6th time i've made that dress! it is obviously my current favorite.

i also recently finished up a project i have been slooooooowwwwwlllllyyyy working on since summer- new shades for the living room! check these babies out!

i guess really this is just one baby, but still, you get it.

there are 4 windows in our living room, all the same size, so this wasn't too hard to do. first i decided this was what i wanted... then i just HAPPEN to find a whole bunch on craigslist (only 30 miles away!).... then it was all just cutting them to size and attaching them to new roller shades! it really should not have taken me so long, but you know what? i get distracted pretty damn easily so that's just how things go around here!
the other windows are the east coast, europe/africa/australia, and texas. they are all different styles, so it looks pretty great. i am very happy :)

now, that market i mentioned in my last post, you know- the one i was teaching a workshop at and was going to post all these great pictures from? let me sum it up for you real quick:


in other words, it was stupid.

mainly, it just wasn't my 'scene,' but at least the little workshop went well! i am setting up this friday at another little market on the riverwalk downtown at taste of texas wines with a bunch of friends :) good thing this one is at a cool wine bar-- momma needs her craftin' juice!


  1. I love your puppy dress! I am also a toddler, as I just made a poofy taffeta party dress with a bow on the front, yep little girls parties it is!

  2. Such a cute dress! What a fantastic fabric as well. Fab! x

  3. I love the dress and the colour combo.
    I plan to make a shirt dress in future...and I'm dreading (having only very basic machine) having to do lots of buttonholes by hand.

  4. The dress is flippin' adorable!

  5. Love the shades. I need to make those right now...

  6. lurrve that dress! I am also 25, but don't tell that to the cupcake printed flannel I am making into a skirt.

  7. You're making me feel ancient at 37 as the proud owner of a top with prancing ponies on it! Love the dress and the blinds, always happy to see one of your posts.

  8. Love this dress, especially those pockets! But the totally inventive thing are those shades. AWEsome!

  9. Hello Crissy, I have given you a Versatile Blogger Award, if you'd like to accept it please have a look at my blog but it's not obligation really^^

  10. I LOVE those blinds! GENIUS idea! - Also a quick note to let you know that I've nominated you for a blog award! No need to participate but you can check out my blog if you're interested! :)

  11. Haha you really are a girl after my own heart! You've already seen my Disney skirt, and I'm always calling up my boyfriend describing cute fabrics I found in the children's section of Lincraft so he can assure me that a ladybug print isn't too juvenille for a 24 year old.

  12. oh my god, the dirty dirty things i would do for that disney skirt...
    you. dont. even. KNOW.
    i'll have to take a lot of photos of my fabric stash soon, the amount of ridiculously inappropriate fabrics for a 26 year old (woop woop! as of last monday i'm 26 at least!) to have is so silly! luckily, no matter how absurd my outfit, my sweet sweet man always just laughs and goes with it!

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