Tuesday, March 30, 2010

procrastinate much?

yes, its true. i am the biggest procrastinator possibly of all time. deal with it.
so since i've been at home enjoying the unemployed life, i've been working on quite a few sewing projects! so, here it is, about a month's worth of sewing!

i made this out of some yard-sale fabric for a wine tasting tyler and i went to:

spadea s-391

this one used to be a bed sheet, but i needed a fancy croquet dress:

simplicity 4982

actually i made this a while back from one big-ass sheet but never photographed it:

the super-sized pockets are the best part!

i can't find the pattern number! ugh!

some more yard sale fabric:

advance 8524

my pretty purple blouse from yard-sale fabric:

simplicity 6276
and my first britches! sailor ones from an old tablecloth! ahoy:

simplicity 3688 (i drafted my own sailor flap)

and this really quick little blouse from a pillowcase:

simplicity 4438

not too shabby, eh? there is one more dress but it's in the laundry... and i am currently working on one more for myself which may or may not be the worst dress ever, and i am making a super business wardrobe for a friend of mine who will be working with the U.N. next year... photos to come!



  1. They all look amazing and I love that they are made of sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths.

  2. Did you say procrastinate? Not! Nice work!

  3. I love them all! If I HAD to choose one outfit it would probably be the bed sheet dress... or maybe the sailor trousers... or maybe the black one...

  4. Saw you on Sew Retro. I cannot believe you found all that stuff second hand and spun it into such CUTE stuff. Amazing! I bet people are stunned when you tell them where your materials came from!

  5. i wish i had your superhero skills of recycling sheets. muy muy cute!

  6. Love your outfits and your style!

  7. I love the black dress. You look stunning in it. You also have a wonderful blog!

  8. I love the vintage style! I need to brush up on my sewing. So glad I found your blog!

  9. Wow, I love the outfits you created. Gorgeous!

  10. you are so talented! i love them all.