Monday, April 12, 2010

green- because thats what color my world is right now

so this is the first spring in a loooong time that didn't show up in the middle of a drought. i. love. all of it! when i sit in the sewing room with the windows open all i can smell are the flowers! they are everywhere! earlier i was taking some photos for some etsy stuff and this is the background i got: just on the other side of the yard is this:
and just in the other room is the most perfect part about spring time- baby animals!
let it out, "awwwww...." we have 4 beautiful shih tzu puppies! they are still super cute, none of those inevitable google eyes or under bites yet! tyler's momma is getting this one for her birthday!
this also is perfect yard sale weather- its like, my time to shine! a lot of people seem to be clearing out their sewing patterns lately, which is good news for my unnecessary need to purchase them... not so good for my wallet since i still haven't found a job...
i am making some clothes for a friend who is going to the UN later this year, but i am so far getting paid in sewing patterns and gift cards which is totally fine with me. if i don't get a gift card to a store i'll probably never buy shoes...

well, unless they are like, ten dollars...

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