Wednesday, December 23, 2009

texas christmas > your christmas

aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, texas december. for someone with a broken heater in her car, texas winters are kickass! why you may ask?

exhibit a:

today is christmas eve-eve i am wearing a sleeveless, short dress to work (its festive!) and i totally dont look like a crazy person for doing so. im dressed practical for once.

exhibit b:

this is where i work, y'all! so pretty...

exhibit c:

yes, that decorative christmas deer does have a penis.
p.s. it was across the street from a church

and exhibit d:

the fireworks ban has been lifted! tyler and i went to check out the ol' fireworks warehouse this weekend and i found this! it was like a billion dollars... or maybe 20... either way too pricey for battle kittens. ill make my own.

so, things are looking pretty sweet. eh?

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