Thursday, December 10, 2009

v cards and puppies

so... my work computer is a frat boy. i was snooping around the other day and found an alarming folder:

v cards! and do you know what was in that file? phone numbers and address of GIRLS! ahahahahaha! i better watch out, this computer is out to get some ass, brah.

and speaking of getting ass- or not getting ass, audrey boo boo is getting the ol' snip snip this week.

her dreams of becoming a real woman are gonna be crushed! but, the place she is going is a non profit animal rescue/hospital, and they gave my other dog and my sisters dog the ol' low-cost snip snip earlier this year, so im going to give them a big ol' donation when boo boo gets dropped off. anyone who helps puppy dogs is ok in my book!

and one more bit of randomness. i found this the other day when i was walking to work.

a fall out shelter? its nice to know that if the shit hits the fan, safety is just a few blocks away... except this is in a church, and im not 100% sure jesus will let me in.

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