Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december costume post- right on time

'procrastination' should be my middle name. or 'can't ever do/show up on time.'

christine cant ever do/show up on time baker

yeah, that's it! well, here i am browsing through my flickr and i noticed all these costumes i made, and since it's halloween, and by halloween i mean 'december but im just now remembering,' im going to make a post about them now. brace yourselves for some home made awesomeness.

cardboard party costume.... villan day at work.... starwars dance party

splintersaurusrex.... milo, otis and me as a fox... unfinished shark AND my bjork dress in the background

i have some more photos that should go up... like that bjork dress ON because it was pretty!!! and tyler as matthew barney, and kathy's ocean dress... and you better believe that dog has a billion more outfits! why? because he loves me and lets me do that to him. and also i have more photos on my other computer so ill put those up sometime soonish.

pretty much everyday needs to be a costume day.

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