Monday, December 7, 2009

unfinished projects

there are more than just these. but you dont need to know that. for all you know im a liar and these were all finished this morning! they weren't, but whatever... BEHOLD! LINENS!

dress 1 used to be a pillow case. it is both cute and spring-y... but i havent finished the hem on bottom because hems are stupid and are my least favorite part of making a dress. that and zippers, but only because i suck at zippers. if i was better, i probably would like it more. but hems, pfffft, those a just boring. this baby is all held together with bows!

dress 2 i DID finish! woo wooooo! i made it for a friend of mine, plus i even had enough to make another dress for her little girl of the same fabric. it used to be a twin size sheet. and, plus plus, it has a zipper! an alright zipper!

dress 3 is doomed to roam the earth for the rest of its pathetic life unfinished like a zombie dress because all of the fabric got thrown away before i was able to finish cutting out the peices for the interfacing. and it has a zipper. and it doesnt even fit me because i have small boobs! grrr.... im just so bitter. its made out of a sheet but i cant find another one anywhere, or a awesome fabric to finish it with.

sounds to me like im full of excuses.

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  1. these are all terrific. i really adore the dress on the bottom. i would totally wear that.