Friday, January 1, 2010

hoarding for beginners

my family and i have this deep deep love for hoarding shows. i think its because we are assholes. i know that they are because they keep sassing me and accusing me of becoming a hoarder because i have an absurd amount of stuff. lots and lots of stuff. i think its cool because most of my crap is for making other crap, which means its more like supplies than crap and so i win. ha!
i do have to say, i do have a stupid amount of sewing patterns. not only that, but they are EVERYWHERE!

patterns on the computer tower

pattern pieces in my mail

mystery pieces in my bookshelf

and in our guest bedroom there are 22 big ass boxes of patterns-
plus and box of unsorted patterns
plus a stack of current project patterns
plus there are 2 more big boxes in our sewing room

shit! thats a lot of things to make! there is even a couple of pattern pieces in my wallet. those confuse me, i dont even know how they got in there. strange.

on a lighter side of my hoarding, look what tyler's grandmother got me for christmas:

very cute indeed. well done meme!

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