Sunday, January 17, 2010

what the hell did i do to deserve this?

white russians are maybe my most favorite drink and this shit happens every damn time i drink one! fuck you dairy allergies, fuck you.

on a side note, this weekend it rained a whole bunch and due the the low water crossing on my road, my two day weekend was magically transformed into a three day weekend! it only flooded one day, just enough to get some sewing done at the house with time for shenanigans the rest of the weekend. Anywho, the following awesome stuff happened:
we made and ate DINO BROWNIES:

my brother and his amazing girlfriend got engaged!
(true story- he totally is not retarded... or better yet- is not totally retarded)

tyler and i went to the flea market and i got a bunch of new etsy treasures:(this one is my favorite)

plus i took the photos for about a bazillion other etsy items, so's you might wanna check that out sometime soon...
tyler and i went to wimberley and hungout with his grand-dad and dad-dad, as well as a quick stop for the worlds best bloody mary's in san marcos! ill probably post up the photos of my dress i made and the dress i didnt make tomorrow... unless i forget

which is likely.

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