Wednesday, December 23, 2009

texas christmas > your christmas

aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, texas december. for someone with a broken heater in her car, texas winters are kickass! why you may ask?

exhibit a:

today is christmas eve-eve i am wearing a sleeveless, short dress to work (its festive!) and i totally dont look like a crazy person for doing so. im dressed practical for once.

exhibit b:

this is where i work, y'all! so pretty...

exhibit c:

yes, that decorative christmas deer does have a penis.
p.s. it was across the street from a church

and exhibit d:

the fireworks ban has been lifted! tyler and i went to check out the ol' fireworks warehouse this weekend and i found this! it was like a billion dollars... or maybe 20... either way too pricey for battle kittens. ill make my own.

so, things are looking pretty sweet. eh?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

v cards and puppies

so... my work computer is a frat boy. i was snooping around the other day and found an alarming folder:

v cards! and do you know what was in that file? phone numbers and address of GIRLS! ahahahahaha! i better watch out, this computer is out to get some ass, brah.

and speaking of getting ass- or not getting ass, audrey boo boo is getting the ol' snip snip this week.

her dreams of becoming a real woman are gonna be crushed! but, the place she is going is a non profit animal rescue/hospital, and they gave my other dog and my sisters dog the ol' low-cost snip snip earlier this year, so im going to give them a big ol' donation when boo boo gets dropped off. anyone who helps puppy dogs is ok in my book!

and one more bit of randomness. i found this the other day when i was walking to work.

a fall out shelter? its nice to know that if the shit hits the fan, safety is just a few blocks away... except this is in a church, and im not 100% sure jesus will let me in.

Monday, December 7, 2009

unfinished projects

there are more than just these. but you dont need to know that. for all you know im a liar and these were all finished this morning! they weren't, but whatever... BEHOLD! LINENS!

dress 1 used to be a pillow case. it is both cute and spring-y... but i havent finished the hem on bottom because hems are stupid and are my least favorite part of making a dress. that and zippers, but only because i suck at zippers. if i was better, i probably would like it more. but hems, pfffft, those a just boring. this baby is all held together with bows!

dress 2 i DID finish! woo wooooo! i made it for a friend of mine, plus i even had enough to make another dress for her little girl of the same fabric. it used to be a twin size sheet. and, plus plus, it has a zipper! an alright zipper!

dress 3 is doomed to roam the earth for the rest of its pathetic life unfinished like a zombie dress because all of the fabric got thrown away before i was able to finish cutting out the peices for the interfacing. and it has a zipper. and it doesnt even fit me because i have small boobs! grrr.... im just so bitter. its made out of a sheet but i cant find another one anywhere, or a awesome fabric to finish it with.

sounds to me like im full of excuses.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december costume post- right on time

'procrastination' should be my middle name. or 'can't ever do/show up on time.'

christine cant ever do/show up on time baker

yeah, that's it! well, here i am browsing through my flickr and i noticed all these costumes i made, and since it's halloween, and by halloween i mean 'december but im just now remembering,' im going to make a post about them now. brace yourselves for some home made awesomeness.

cardboard party costume.... villan day at work.... starwars dance party

splintersaurusrex.... milo, otis and me as a fox... unfinished shark AND my bjork dress in the background

i have some more photos that should go up... like that bjork dress ON because it was pretty!!! and tyler as matthew barney, and kathy's ocean dress... and you better believe that dog has a billion more outfits! why? because he loves me and lets me do that to him. and also i have more photos on my other computer so ill put those up sometime soonish.

pretty much everyday needs to be a costume day.