Thursday, September 1, 2011

from nerdy to flirty!

yesterday a wonderful wonderful woman i work with gave me this dress
'used to belong to a square dancer!

she got it at a yardsale forever ago for less than $1, but hasn't worn it in ages so she gave it to me! now, this is an ADORABLE dress, but on me, the length and fit made me look like a super nerd. it was a really awkward highwater length, and fitted strangely on the bodice AND it had a drop waist which, as i have mentioned before, i despise.
so here it is! after a quick revamp-- my new dress!
taa daaa!!!!!

isn't that just god damn adorable? ruffles and flowers and a big ol' bow in the back! look at the cute detail on the fabric!
i do with the the person who made this originally had used a matching thread with the rick rack, but as an incredibly lazy person, i can understand seeing this as too much effort. seriously
well, with my new dress finished (i promise the crinoline doesn't hang down this far under it when i wear it...) i went out to run errands today and got lots of compliments from all of the old southern gent's i ran into at the grocery store. that must mean it was a success!


  1. It looks much cuter- I hate dropped waists too. Ick.

  2. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ! Frequent visitor, first time commenter! I really really like that fabric. Now tell me, why do you hate dropped waists? You must be an hour glass, or at least have a smaller waist than hips? I am a "V" and find drop waists very flattering.

  3. What a sweet dress. I think older men like it when us ladies dress like, well, ladies.

  4. dang- old fellas LOVE seeing girls dressed in vintage clothing! i get more compliments from pawpaw's than almost anyone else!

    ...and yes, ive got *quite* the difference between my waist and hips, so dropped waists just arent for me!