Tuesday, August 30, 2011

kid's dress, shmid's shmresh

have you seen that episode of glee where kurt describes rachel as
"she somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time"
well, as soon as that episode aired, my sister declared that as the best description for me ever. try as i might to deny it.... i always end up proving her right... like last week when i made this dress to sell, but ended up keeping it for myself--

it could be my back to school dress... except i'm a bum and am not back to school....

technically, it is a child's dress pattern.... but its not my fault if it came out super cute and *happen* to fit me perfectly! geeze!

i don't think i bought this... i much have inherited it

right? its a real cute dress! i made it without taking in or adding inches anywhere. all i did was enlarge the armholes and shorten the darts so the boobs wouldn't come out shaped like waffle cones. i don't know what sort of bizarro measurement this pattern was taken in, but it came out fitting me perfectly... me, who is not a girl's size 12, but is actually a 37-27-37 adult... whatever simplicity. whatever.

this actually probably makes people dizzy against all of my freckles

i got the fabric from an estate sale, which means the sweet scent of mothballs filled the air every time the fabric moved for the first few washes... either i finally got the smell out, or i have become immune to it (which would take the grandma part in this ensemble i suppose) tyler helped my pick out the perfect buttons. i used to have my sister for that, but since we moved in together tyler has become my official fashion consultant! i'm preeeeeeeeety sure he hates it. 

he usually looks at me like i'm crazy or shrugs his shoulders and says something like "i don't know! why do you keep asking me?" he did good this time though. also, check out that belt! i usually dip into my own belt collection and stay away from covered belts or belt kits... but i figured since i HAVE the belt stuff... why not use it for once! god knows i don't want to become a hoarder. oh hell no.  

also since my last post, i ended my month with yet another stupid, stupid sewing injury. 

god DAMN those rotary cutters! i pinked the shit out of my finger! luckily, i was able to play it off... 



  1. These injuries are making me paranoid! Ahhh so scary

  2. That dress is So Darling! It doesn't look like a kid/young miss dress. And, can I say... OUCH!! Holy Cow woman, get thee some mesh gauntlets before the rotary shark takes off your thumb! Hope you're on the mend soon...

  3. i swear if i didn't have my two pointer fingers, i would go much more work done! i'm constantly having to stop to find bandaids and peroxide!
    my big finger gap is just about filled in now but it suuuuuuuuucks all the same

  4. I LOVE the dress. You did a really great job. I'd love to see a picture of you in it and find out more about what the pattern measurements and your measurements are!


  5. OUCHH!!! what an injury!! and the dress I LOVE IT!!! I agrre with Domestic Debbie, you shoud show us a picture of you wearing the dress

  6. Gorgeous! I myself suffer from geriatric toddler syndrome too- stay strong!

  7. I too would love to see a picture of you in the dress! Also, I hope this isn't inappropriate, but what are your measurements? I always find myself falling in love with vintage patterns that are Junior or for young teens rather than adult women, but I assumed I could never fit into any of them. Since I'm asking you to share, I'm b-36, w-29, h-37. :)

  8. i might be THE most unphotogenic person alive, but i'll try to take some decent pictures in my dresses from now on!
    my measurements are usually about 37-27-37, but i happen to be very allergic to dairy products... which i eat a lot of and then i swell up! sooooo.... sometimes im a little bigger ;)