Friday, July 23, 2010

puppy dogs and what-not

so this week we are dog sitting for my brother... and i am in love with this little lady!


meet jenny- the toe biting, shoe chewing, super shedding new addition to the baker family! she is very playful, and also very clingy. before she came over audrey had been following me around like a shadow, and once jenny showed up she joined in. kathy keeps calling me the pied piper of dogs.


also dog related, i noticed this similarity yesterday:

just missing some spots!

i wish i could find a better photo of spunky, but tyler and i recently watched a whole lot of rocco's modern life and when ol' waddle-a-jara made this face i immediately thought of that cartoon pooch!

and now in non-dog related news- i got a little side job as a wedding-helper-sort-of. i am in charge of all floral arrangements, table settings, boutineers and what-not. i finished all of the boutineers already, and they are badass!

the tables are all gonna be covered in old books and neat vases and what-not.... im excited to be putting this together! hopefully, people dont steal all the cool shit i bought.... if they do ill just have to knock some skulls together or bring on the thunder or something like that.

'cause i will.

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  1. I just started volunteering at the animal shelter. It is amazing at the many wonderful dogs that are there. Baxley is so smart, she just needs some responsible parents to come and adopt her. And I want to see photos of this wedding you are doing. It sounds great!