Thursday, July 8, 2010

hot damn my magazine came out!

check it out beezees!
i got my copy yesterday from tyler! im all giddy.... oh geeze...

i also snagged up a lot of great vintage clothes from a girl i found in craigslist- which never ceases to amaze me! AND i got some new patterns!

i couldn't not get them...

plus these go well with a few others i snagged up this weekend:

the reproductions are both patterns i've been looking for for ages- score!

and in other news, some sort of monster beast ant bit my god damn foot and now i have the foot version of sausage fingers:

sausage toes

maybe they aren't that dramatic, but my foot is all poofy and i am upset. i literally JUST got my other foot to where i can wear normal shoes again and this is what happens!
this is why no one likes ants.

...bunch of assholes.


  1. Congrats! And great pattern score there - I particularly love that crazy Elvis collar halter neck hybrid - it's gorgeous! Glad those aren't your real toes, BTW - I was worried for a second...

  2. Hahahaha, I am dying over here laughing at those sausage fingers.. Hoping your footsy gets better ASAP! Love the article!!! And the patterns, hot damn they are all so beautiful! :) Is lady on the top-left holding a bowling ball? Or a gigantic Oreo cookie?