Tuesday, March 30, 2010

procrastinate much?

yes, its true. i am the biggest procrastinator possibly of all time. deal with it.
so since i've been at home enjoying the unemployed life, i've been working on quite a few sewing projects! so, here it is, about a month's worth of sewing!

i made this out of some yard-sale fabric for a wine tasting tyler and i went to:

spadea s-391

this one used to be a bed sheet, but i needed a fancy croquet dress:

simplicity 4982

actually i made this a while back from one big-ass sheet but never photographed it:

the super-sized pockets are the best part!

i can't find the pattern number! ugh!

some more yard sale fabric:

advance 8524

my pretty purple blouse from yard-sale fabric:

simplicity 6276
and my first britches! sailor ones from an old tablecloth! ahoy:

simplicity 3688 (i drafted my own sailor flap)

and this really quick little blouse from a pillowcase:

simplicity 4438

not too shabby, eh? there is one more dress but it's in the laundry... and i am currently working on one more for myself which may or may not be the worst dress ever, and i am making a super business wardrobe for a friend of mine who will be working with the U.N. next year... photos to come!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

hazaah! wimberley!

my favorite ways to spend my weekends are at garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and other things of the sorts. there also is a once-a-month market in a really small town about an hour away called wimberley. wimberly has it's own special market days were people of all sorts set up shop on a couple of acres and let me tell you, they are amazing! you can buy any/everything there! well, after a short break for winter, this saturday was the first market day of the year. tyler and i went and i scored some really amazing patterns- BEHOLD!

so, so pretty! here is a close up of my favorite:

ugh, i cannot even put into words how excited i am to make style 1!!!
what makes it better? i scored all of these for $7! they were all in baggies of 2 or 3 marked for $1 so i snagged up each and every pattern i could find in that booth! she said she had more, so hopefully next month i can swoop in and snag those up as well!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dont mind me....

just posting this as a reference for someone....

ye ol' boot boot

i got laid off on friday. sucks ass. so to make the most of my time i started cleaning out/ organizing the tornado alley that is my sewing space. so far the spare bedroom has been unearthed from mounds upon mounds of fabric and etsy clothing, i found a big box of old sewing goodies, my buttons are almost all sorted out by color:
and i finally set up this sexy beast of a sewing machine:

its pretty much safe to say, i am in love with this sewing machine! tyler's mom gave it to me a few months ago. i haven't set it up yet because i thought it would take a lot of time to get all of the kinks figured out- which it did, but i think one quick trip to the sewing store can have this running perfect!
i already used it on a skirt and a dress i have been working on, but the bobbin case is broken in one spot and cracked in another- i think it keeps catching the thread. Also the light bulb is out... but that isn't too big of a deal.