Friday, October 21, 2011

too busy for the internets? perhaps....

i have just been caught in the middle of the busiest month of all time!

first-- there was this this dress for my friend emily
from simplicity 6465

then i got things ready for a local market (which ended up getting cancelled at the last minute!!!) so there was the big '15 dresses in 36 hours' ordeal

mccalls 4003                                               simplicity 4270
simplicity 7689                                             advance 9648

self drafted                                                   simplicity 3430

 simplicity 4270                                        simplicity 9152              

mccalls 7647                                                  spadea n-1171

yes i know that's only ten, but some of them really don't photograph
very well... so just trust me on this one!

there is some more detail on those at sew weekly...
and while that was going on, i also gave my friend kiki a quick silk screening lesson. she learned fast and whipped out a huge batch of these for the same market!

she still has tons-- let me know if you want one!!!

and i made my first renaissance fair outfit...
could of gotten a better photo.... really wish i did

and i have also been up to my ears in mending, alterations, fixing a brides maid dress and halloween costumes! AAAAAND the san antonio beard cultivation society needed a flag, so i made that too! i have been crazy busy!


oh! and THEN, there was this super cool estate sale i went to with my brother, and we got tons of cool sewing stuff! i have been teaching him to tailor his own clothes, and he has caught on really well! ok so here is the loot:
a future dress....

a future winter coat that i already have a fur collar picked out for....

i could not even wait to use this!!! im wearing the dress right now... 
photos to come!

more patterns i didn't need....
and a few more...
and OH MY GOD! that 3961 is the poodle dress!!!!

in anticipation of cool weather, a nice wool catalina sweater

and craftin' shit

basically, a pretty good haul! the yard sale probably should have been a separate post, but oh well! seeing as how it's only the 21st, and i've still got another 10 days left of this super month, i'd say i'm not even close to done yet... but we will have to see. i have to sleep some time!