Friday, July 23, 2010

puppy dogs and what-not

so this week we are dog sitting for my brother... and i am in love with this little lady!


meet jenny- the toe biting, shoe chewing, super shedding new addition to the baker family! she is very playful, and also very clingy. before she came over audrey had been following me around like a shadow, and once jenny showed up she joined in. kathy keeps calling me the pied piper of dogs.


also dog related, i noticed this similarity yesterday:

just missing some spots!

i wish i could find a better photo of spunky, but tyler and i recently watched a whole lot of rocco's modern life and when ol' waddle-a-jara made this face i immediately thought of that cartoon pooch!

and now in non-dog related news- i got a little side job as a wedding-helper-sort-of. i am in charge of all floral arrangements, table settings, boutineers and what-not. i finished all of the boutineers already, and they are badass!

the tables are all gonna be covered in old books and neat vases and what-not.... im excited to be putting this together! hopefully, people dont steal all the cool shit i bought.... if they do ill just have to knock some skulls together or bring on the thunder or something like that.

'cause i will.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

hot damn my magazine came out!

check it out beezees!
i got my copy yesterday from tyler! im all giddy.... oh geeze...

i also snagged up a lot of great vintage clothes from a girl i found in craigslist- which never ceases to amaze me! AND i got some new patterns!

i couldn't not get them...

plus these go well with a few others i snagged up this weekend:

the reproductions are both patterns i've been looking for for ages- score!

and in other news, some sort of monster beast ant bit my god damn foot and now i have the foot version of sausage fingers:

sausage toes

maybe they aren't that dramatic, but my foot is all poofy and i am upset. i literally JUST got my other foot to where i can wear normal shoes again and this is what happens!
this is why no one likes ants.

...bunch of assholes.

leeches and fireworks

i was so on a roll. i was doing so good posting on here fairly regularly and then... ugh.
well, here is a wrap up of my weekend before the new weekend starts!

first, here is my fourth of july dress! i finished it up on the 2nd and wore it out friday night to a big art event in town which had some amazing highlights! my favorite was a large woman in a denny's uniform who kept whipping tyler in the ass!
stars and stripes baby!

i made it from this butterick reproduction:
shortened length... trains aren't practical in the rain

and then i ended the night with two HUGE blisters on the bottom of each foot from my super wedges i wore. sucked.

so then saturday was 'nurse a hangover day' and sunday i went to the river with some friends, audrey booboo and tyler's family. it was sooooooo nice and the weather was beautiful! after that we went to see fireworks which was also beautiful.

on monday me, my momma, my sister and our brother's fiancee roxy all went to blanco state park where roxy and i developed the most mad crawfish catching skills of all time.

oh wait, that was us being total whimps! f those pinchers!

we did catch them eventually! we made a system- i would pin them down with a stick and roxy would pick them up! shes braver than i am... but in my defense, those were friggin' lobster sized beasts!

yeah! like tom and huck!

it was pretty nice out there. a couple of fellas came by to do some fishing... i think our high pitch squeals ran them off, so we had the whole dam to our selves! it was best that way, because after mom and kathy had been laying down in the stream for a while and then realized they were COVERED in leeches, they were able to scream and run and freak out in private.

it was hilarious. luckily for them it wasn't this kind:

Saturday, July 3, 2010